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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Poppy, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. From prison service website:
    Belmarsh became operational on 2nd April 1991, and is a local prison, serving primarily the Central Criminal Court and magistrates Courts in SE London. In addition the establishment serves Crown and Magistrates Courts in SW Essex. Belmarsh has a dual role in that it also holds Category A prisoners.

    Western Way
    SE28 0EB

    Tel: 020 8331 4400

    Fax: 020 8331 4401

    Governor: Claudia Sturt

    Operational capacity: 915 as of 1st September 2005

    Accommodation: A mixture of approximately 60% multi occupancy cells and 40% single cells, distributed mainly across 4 residential units.

    Reception criteria: In common with all other local prisons, Belmarsh accepts a wide variety of categories of prisoners, in addition to it's commitment to the Category A estate."

    Is it just me or does this read as thought they based the website on a holiday brochure???????
  2. sadly yes but in these days of contractorisation and service level agreements and target meeting, what else could we expect, and of course when it all goes t!ts up then the government can of course say well its the private sector tut tut .... GEO and the recent breakout from the asylum centre is a case in point. very opps 'oh whats the homeoffice called to day sketch' or am i just being once again disillusioned......................
  3. Why are you surprised? I've been in hotels that have less facilities than these scum enjoy at the taxpayer's expense. :x