Prison service faces drastic cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 18, 2007.

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  2. Emphasis mine. Business? I'm sorry, I thought these were public services.
  3. Yeah, its obvious that the mouth breathers in charge have 'sexed up' their department with some third rate consultants hence terms like 'workforce plan' 'processes more effective', 'efficiency savings', 'the improvements will result in a need for fewer staff' etc
  4. This may just be using this word in the lets pretend its a buiness fashion or referance to private contactors.
    There is a growing number of private prisions.

    They pay a thirdless wages an no cusy pension so in effect half wages. They also have less staff. In theory private buiness do not have to be cheaper than public.
    If both were run efficently a public in theory should be cheaper as there is no profit skimed off but poltically public sector workers need too jucy contracts wage demands are too high so the cheapest option is private companies. Governments failed to deal with wage demands has made private companies look a lot better value than they are through compariosn

    Private prisons in my opion is wrong. The government put people in prison and have a moral duty to protect the priosners. They dont have suitable control over private prisions. They failed in there duty of care and should be held to account.
  5. Now to be fair looking to the private sector in regards to ideas and working practices can bring in good ideas to help improve public sector organisations. The problem is when they try to do it wholesale and lose sight of the fact that they are public services with their own attendant special needs and features. Case in point being the NHS.
  7. anyone with half a brain can see theres little fat in the prison service as is.
    i.e no spaces to lock crims up and not enough staff to do anything with those locked up

    like the MOD it needs more cash not less
  8. I retire in two weeks from HMPS and I can tell you if you think the army's moral is bad go to any prison, these savings are the death kneel of the prison service which has gone from crisis to crisis due to political meddling and micro management.

    They also have a senior management that are more like rabbits in the head lights than leaders.

    The POA who at least have some bottle, are sadly the only thing standing in the way of the decimation of a once (reasonably) effective public serve.
    My only hope is the Lads and Lasses remain safe and united.