Prison service assessment

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by ex_donkey_man, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. I know it doesn't really crop up here, but no-where else to ask!

    Anyway heading to London for the Prison Service assessment next week or the week after?
  2. What's the question?
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  3. Are you doing a reality tv show " whos the daddy "?
  4. If the question is what is it like etc, then type in prison officer forum to google and there is a site set up for ex, serving and future screws. I monitored it for the potential strikes. They seem to give out good advice and it is a little bit like ARRSE.

    Ask any queations and they should be able to help you out.
  5. they will put you into different scenarios where you have to diffuse situations using your mind by getting people to do what you want to do, you will also have to problem solve.
    In all circumstances DO NOT SAY CALM DOWN its a trick that will be used to escalate things.
    Its a piece of piss really.
    Good luck and be warned you are about to non stop diversity training and constantly reminded that you can't offend the cons so don't say anything that way no one can stitch you up.
    Don't sign up for overtime until you get your feet under the table.I I have seen many a poelt officer crash and burn in their first 6 months.
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  6. A mate of mine got out and did a year as a screw in Barlinnie. He hated it and rejoined, did his 22 years. Years later at a careers fair in Newcastle, I spoke to a screw on the HM Prison Service stand and I mentioned this. He told me a posting to Barlinnie would piss any screw off.

    As a recruit, I did consider becoming a screw at the end of my Army time, and serve on the nonce wing so I could make their lives a misery. In this day and age of political correctness, I never took that path. However, a Wolvo skinhead mate of mine gave up his job as an HGV1 driver to become a carer.

    "You, of all people a carer?" I laughed at him.

    He told me he wasn't making cups of tea for old biddies, but he worked at a bail hostel for nonces. His job was to supervise and escort them down town shopping and that. He told me he used his position and 6ft2 build to bully and intimidate them. He eventually went back to HGV driving.
  7. It is a bit soul destroying being a prison officer and you have to keep looking over your shoulder all the time, its a fact that the cons could take over most establishments in this country whenever they want.
    Apart from when they took over one in Scotland and for the 1st and to my knowledge the only time, the SAS broke the siege going in through the roof
  8. Yes, there is an account about that prison siege in the book Eye Of The Storm by Peter Radcliffe. He was RSM of 22 SAS during the First Gulf War. He says that straight after getting home from the siege, he took part in a regional squash tournament. Mindja, the cons probly got back to their table tennis.
  9. You knowing what day it's on would help?
    Which delightful establishment would you like to work at?
    Holloway has quiet a few rug munchers, allegedly!!
  10. Very true. Prisons are run on good will.
    If 100 cons decide to take over the wing, there is **** all 6 screws could do about it. Of course, the cons then have the keys too. Once one wing goes, the rest will soon follow.
  11. Don't choose YOI or a female establishment, its just plain nasty.
    Your job will be easier the higher the cat.
    I worked in a cat c and often found myself on the wing alone with 125 cons on the loose, he you build a rapport you will do well, It was the very same cons on my wing that saved me when a nutjob jumped me with a shank.. they dragged him away and gave him a slap.
    Don't let this put you off, I slipped up on my jailcraft by letting myself get in that position in the first place
  12. Or you could just join G4S now and save some paperwork further down the line
  13. and their failing prisons of HMP Oakwood and Birmingham
  14. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    The main ringleader was an ex-Royal Scots Full Screw; in for murder and robbery (robbed the wages van for Glencorse, with an SMG from the Armoury). he had the cons with tables for 'shields' and 'baton gunners' with missiles, was reportedly very disciplined and just like facing a British Army riot squad from NI. Forced all the warders out and took control of IIRC HMP Saughton.
  15. Im aware there are some old timers on here that have been screws since the good old days, but I joined in early 2010 and did the assessment centre in 2009, so am still a red arrse!..I went to the assessment centre in Rochester in Kent, but where ever you go its the same tests. It consists of three tests, that are pass or fail, which are in no set order. I wont go into too much detail but here is the basic format:

    Firstly its the writen tests. Some are multi guess, others are reading reports and checking information, others test your observation skills. Not too difficult, just read the questions properly. You will not be told your scores on the day.

    Secondly five role plays each one up to 5 mins. You will have to challellenge prejudice attitudes, amonst other situations. Mine were all prison orientated. There is no right or wrong answer, you can't teach people how to pass a role play, its a natural skill that the examiners will watch you on. You will be watched on video camera, where the role play will be watched by 'experts' after the assessment day. You will have no idea how well or bad you have done when you come out.

    Finally, the fitness test. The only event that you will know that you passed or failed on. Includes bleep test, agility run and some strength tests. Piece of piss. No worries on that one, a chubby woman of 50 odd passed on my day. If you do the fitness test first and fail, you will probably not finish the day. I was surprised that there didnt seem to be a formal interview as such.

    You will by emailed within a week to tell you your results. If you passed its a waiting game.

    The job is not that well paid, starting pay is around 18 k, inside London its about 21k. Its a thankless job and you will find that some the staff will try and stitch you up aswell as the lags. Although you will meet alot of ex forces, and you will work with some good people aswell and have some banter. The job seems to be getting more dangerous, ie more cons and less staff. I would personally try and go to a cat A jail, although theres only about seven in the country. I would avoid young offenders and female jails.
    Ive done just shy of three years and am looking at going back into security, which I did before. More money and less stress. I even thought of going to the dark side' private prison ' with Serco, but binned that idea in the end. Any more info you want go to prison, that is the best place.
    Oh, and wear a smart suit. Although it doesnt say that you have to, you will make a good impression. Some people turned up wearing jeans and trainers.
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