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Prison Riot



ark-angel said:
jarrod248 said:
Spanish_Dave said:
I had the pleasure of spending the day in Armley prison Leeds a couple of weeks ago, very pleasant and the food was excellent :lol:
I know a couple of the Doctors ar Armley.
Not related to Joseph Mengle was he.
You gotta give him his due ;)

Credit where credit's due :D

etc etc
How much is a 9mm bullet, giving you can waste about 10 asses a minute, works out 600 an hour, minus £10 per hour for the shooter. Big saving on money and resources.
I had the pleasure of spending the day in Armley prison Leeds a couple of weeks ago, very pleasant and the food was excellent

What were you in for?
Remember after a riot (strangeways possibley) they had to find new accomodationfor the cons on the ground their beds and furniture was wrecked.....

I'd just take the knackered furniture out, and replace it as and when....

"Whats that? You have no bed.... oh dear, how sad, never mind."

It's a shame the reply couldn't feature common sense informing the poor prisoner that he had perfectly functional furniture and fittings up until the point that he trashed them all. To be fair they should be allowed them back once they have paid for it all.
I heard it on the news - they said they did not like the way they were treated!!!

Of course the summer is here now and a BBQ with a few beers would be nice

I agree that their sentence should continue with them living in the carnage of their own making. No visiting, as of course they would not want their relatives to see them in a trashed visiting room.

No pool table, no tv, no hot water etc.
Go through the prison and identify those who have the potential to reform and lead useful lives; then take them to a place where they can begin that process. Another prison with a regime built around 15 hour days of hard work/public reparations, education and personal development would be ideal. They can even have cocoa and a slice before bed.

The remaining 70 or 80% can be driven to a deserted location and have some trees planted over them.....
Werewolf said:
ark-angel said:
Werewolf said:
Just do what they did up at Peterhead; send in Them and watch the fun! :twisted:

Them wernt they the Giant ants in that 50's movie?

Exactly - the Special Ant Service! :D

And you must be an old fart like me if you can remember that movie!

oh yeh i remember it. running around in a willys jeep armed with a couple of thompsons ( and no extra ammo) fit bint in tow, and blame it all on those pesky nuclear tests they did in the area. And that awful squeeky noise thay made until you found out it was probably the hand cart that the effects crew pushed them about on.

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