Prison Reform Trusts Concern over Prisoners at Christmas

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nottyash, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. Someone give me strength.

    I can think of one other group of people who will also be away from home at Christmas, and no-one is championing their plight.

    Not the the left, right, liberals or the Government.

    How about we start a new campaign (Actually it's the re-invention of an old idea), reduce your sentance by serving the colours, so more deserving people can be at home at this time of year.
  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    The Armed Services are not a dumping ground for criminals.
  3. WTF, where do these people get off, these scum deserve to be in prison, due to the fact that they commited the crime. It's their own fault, which will probably be the same answer given by these tree hugging gits about HM Forces, but at least HM Forces are doing something worthwhile, not commiting crime to the detriment of others. I say give them the choice, prison or HM Forces, but as soon as they fuck up, back inside they go, to serve their full sentence, not including the time spent serving. I'd rather not see it happen, but in these days of manpower shortages, it might just happen.
  4. I hear what your saying, was just venting steam.

    Would not want to serve with the fockers either. Maybe we could use them for target practice instead. Any other suggestions.
  5. We could just make penal battalions, full of these scum sucking *******, just to serve on the front line, thereby keeping more worthwhile lives safe from harm.
  6. These undesirables decided to commit a crime so they have forfeited the right to any humanity. Why should it be rammed down our throats about their pilght especially at this time of year when, as nottyash rightly mentions, there is another lot who are far away from home who do deserve to have their plight rammed down our throats.
  7. Interestingly enough, you can take that article, replace "prisoner" with soldier, "prison" with "deployment" and "reoffending" with "retoured" and it actually makes for an article that joe public should read and take notice of.

    There are some heart rending stories on The Prison Reform Trust website too. All those poor kiddies separated from their criminal parents at xmas. What's the Govt going to do about it? Interestingly they don't they don't touch upon the responsibilities these dullards had as parents.....
  8. Come to think of it, here is their website address;

    Perhaps it would be prudent to highlight to them that some people will never be home for Christmas ever again.

    And I quote, "160,000 children of prisoners ignored by government
    Every year
    more children are separated from a parent by prison than by divorce and the government is failing in its duty of care for them a new alliance of prison charities will tell MP’s today."

    Whilst I sypathise with the kids, (To a degree), the tossers who inflicted this on their kids can go to hell.

    Whose paying for their kids whilst they are in prison?

    To my mind, I bet these get far more support, far more support than that offered to any forces children who have recently lost a parent, or brother or sister for that matter.

    Can't catch my breath sometimes. Whilst at this time of year, it is supposed to be peace to all men. Well I am afraid that some of the men, and women can sod off.
  9. My Fcuking heart bleeds. 65% re-offend inside the first year of release? If prisons were like MCTC they wouldn't.
    The organisation is calling on people to think about the distress faced by prisoners and their families.
    How many thousand servicemen are seperated from their families?
    Children of prisoners are three times as likely to suffer mental health problems compared with their peers and experience higher levels of social disadvantage, it says.
    This is not because they have enforced periods of seperation. It is because their parents are more likely to be benefits leeching chavs
    "For many prisoners, being separated from their children will reinforce feelings of isolation and sadness," she said.
    Prisons are supposed to be sad lonely places do the crime do the time.
    "Locking up so many people in overcrowded jails :x
    Bulid more prisons, Its not as if there is an unpaid manpower shortage.
  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. Sorry MSR,

    I can't sympathise. This is apparently the tip of the iceburg, and for serving their country.

    The majority of support offered to veterans is done on a voluntary/charity basis. Combat Stress.

    In fact the only 'Military' Mental health units that I am aware are available within the service is Wegberg (Germany), which is about to close, if it hasn't already and through a private contract with 'The Priory'.

    And the minute you leave its, join the line at your local NHS hospital.

    The guys in prison have access to phsychologists on tap and at the tax payers expense.

    Whilst I am sure some are genuine, I am equally sceptical that their reasons for seeking 'counselling' are purely altruistic. Anyway we digress.
  12. Many of those in prison these days, especially the good looking ones, will come out to a very bright future in American Football in the States. How so drive, I hear you ask, simple I say. They go in jail as tight defenders and come out as wide receivers.
  13. Class.

    Get the chain gangs started I say.
  14. It says about 65% of prisoners re-offend within two years of release and for young men the re-offending rate is 75%.

    We believe that:

    • Prison should be reserved for those whose
    offending is so serious that they cannot serve
    their sentence in the community.

    need we say anything more.

    while these scum are in prison they cannot burgle peoples homes, steal off them, rob them and assault them.

    keep the fockers locked up, oh my bleeding heart

    SYMPATHY between sh1t and syphillis in my dictionary !
  15. Poor old Prison Reform Trust, they just need to be understood, most prisoners are not even from the UK let alone Christians.

    Back in the day when I first joined we had bed packs and drill each morning for the trainees and mandatory Church parade for all....we also had a tree for xmas albeit the same tree each year it sat in an old welly....never had one complain.... most have never had it so good inside.

    Interesting enough there have been some experiments with recruiting some ex prisoners but that was long before the drugs issues we now have.

    I do believe that there are young offenders who should be given the chance to join if they want