prison rape

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Para_Chute, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. is prison rape cruel or is it just a way to seek sexual satisfaction?
  2. I like a good sheep myself....they don't fight back, or an alter boy but I'm Catholic, so it's tradition.
  3. Why do you fancy trying it? Is it better to give or to receive? Will it make you gay? Will you push back or will you go for a reach round?
    More details needed - now going off to be sick :lol:
  4. I like a goood wriggler myself.
  5. according to big dave!! if your small boned your gonna feel the tailbone fracture!! 8O

    if your big boned! your gonna bring in the punters, this is because your ass will not bleed as hard as the small boned geezer.

    so what are you? :twisted:

    big dave told me about little lenny and his accidental death by anal rupture,lenny was his guard!! :D

    apparently !eitherway it pans out you will be screaming like pre-pubesant little girlyboy who then spends 10 minutes on the phone asking mummy to send some pant liners(with wings just to ease the manfat flow)

    let me know where you`d want to go inside! big dave said he will makes some calls and get you a big black roomy called sharon :twisted:
  6. It's only cruel if you don't kiss him on the cheek afterwards.

    He'd be heartbroken, otherwise!
  7. Para_chute, why you ask? Being only your 2nd post an' all, LoL...
  8. Why do you ask? Have you got to get something off your chest - like the barbell big bubba left there whilst he was turning your arseh0le into a clowns pocket?
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It is neither. It is merely an activity of a the lowest form of pond scum in our society. The pond scum, knowing that they are degenerate losers, feel the need to inflict further harm to other pond scum who happen to be weaker than them. It's a bit like working out the hierarchical structure around a toilet. One might consider the toilet brush that cleans the sh!tter, and the sh!tter itself. One is there to receive the sh!t, p!ss, tampons and discarded condoms, the other to clean the bowl of bits that won't flush away.

    It's not exactly a subject that one wishes to think about, let alone waste time on discussing.

    Suffice to say that both are effluent recepticals, and only good as such.
  10. I cant bring myself to care
    I agree with biped
  11. Off to the hole I say - Off to the hole - Ooops maybe that's what he wants :)
  12. Without giving too much away I am something of an expert on the subject. Infact for a year I thought of nothing else.

    In this country prison rape is extremely rare, the reason being that anyone who did try it on would be ripped apart by the rest of the inmates.

  13. i like to beleive it is common practice in prisons as in these days its the only form of justice that we can rely on being dished out to the scum...
  14. from the terrifying:

    Britannia RNC's really gone downhill...
  15. That is crap.