Prison Officers widow forced out of her home of 37 years.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Drunk & Drug fuelled UVF scum forced this lady out of her home in the Ballybeen area of Belfast.When the PSNI responded,they were stoned by the mob.

    Look like,once again,the terrorist scum are weilding the power to dominate & force a defenceless widow from her home. Why?What was her crime? A drug dealer being forced from the area I can understand,but a harmless widow! It's time the authorities got a set of balls & done something about these cowards once & for all!
  2. Its ab absolute disgrace that any law abiding citizen is forced to leave their homes because of the mindless thugs who think its big or clever to stand hurling abuse or causing them other sorts of harm for their own entertainment. I feel is is self entertainment as i can't think of any one reason why else they harrass an innocent householder. Its not just the authorities who need to take a grasp, but people living in a community as well. People these days wont stand up for themselves due to retaliation, however if the authorities were to work in comjunction with th law abiders, perhaps something may get done. Until then i fear that the lunatics really are taking over the asylum.
  3. It would be nice to hear that good honest people are reaping the dividends of a lasting peace. Unforunately that is a pipe dream. Welcome to the real world of Northern Ireland, one of the most beautiful countries that a minority has ruined and still continues to ruin.
  4. Total scum.

    Sod the UVF doing something, get the PSNI down there in force and nick the lot. The base ball bat weilding scum needs it shoving up his arrse... sideways.
  5. I agree mistersoft, however what about the rest of the UK? It all seems to be going the same way these days regardless of where you live.
  6. I agree bossyboots but at least the paramilitaries formerly ending in 'F' had a so called purpose during the Troubles. These were the people who were supposedly PROTECTING the Protestant community. In all honesty without a political purpose as in Catholics to kill which isn't exactly political or legal, they are just scum as they were before but they managed to hide behind the mantle of being a pseudo police service.

    The rest of the UK will have to blame the breakdown of society, the high divorce rate, shite housing, no jobs, the ineffficiency of the police, the lack of balls from HMG and the Euro as everybody blames the Euro for everything even here in Holland and the fact that they changed the name from Marathon to Snickers.

    Life sucks, you can't escape it.
  7. Thats true mistersoft..the question do we turn the tide? For every one law abiding household, there seems to be 2 full of scum these days.
  8. If I knew that bossy boots I'd be a politician. So, some scumbag who's had your DVD player for the umpteenth time gets a severe ticking off from old bill and if the family are a pain in the arrse they get ASBO'd and evicted so some other poor fcuker gets your problem but do you give a shite, no you don't.

    Meanwhile from another area the biggest scumbags have been evicted and knowing of an empty house in your area, they move in and fcuking offski goes your brand harry spankers DVD player.

    Of course as a politician I agree with everything that my illustrious leader says even if it's bollox and all schemes work until it can be categorically proved they don't and although I'm the member for Tonyfield North, I live in Blerbyshire as only a fcuking madman would live where my constituents live, god help the poor fcukers.

    Fcuked if I know bossyboots, move to the Netherlands, overdose on fig syrup, it won't kill you but you just won't notice what's going on as you're stuck on the bog. Slash your wrists or wait for somebody to do it for you. It depends which pub you drink in. Only Goverment action can help to solve what's wrong but just don't hold your breath.
  9. Well, i think we can rest assured it wont be this one mistersoft.
  10. Correct answer IMHO bossyboots but the alternatives? Oh fcuk!
  11. how about the monster raving loony parties cat Mistersoft? has to make a better job surely?
  12. Yes
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The area where I live is very quiet.I've left my car unlocked once or twice & even my cvvie job company van unloced,with £1000's worth of telecomms gear & tools in it.
    A while ago,the was a commotion in the green outside my home.It was a load of teenagers,running over the pensioners gardens opposite,pulling up trees & smoking wakky bakky (brats sitting on the bench on the green smoking it) as I could smell it when I went to check my car & van)
    So,I & other residents called the PSNI. Three funking hours later they turned up! The teenagers,it turned out,had been ordered out of their estate by the UVF for unrully behaviour,so they came down my way!!
    PSNI-Powerless or cant be bothered?
  14. welcome to the New NI it seems, from what i understand, prior to the "peace" there was such a high presence of troops and police and armed too, patrolling around to the extent that crime levels were much lower than the mainland UK, it was expected that once peace comes in the crime levels will climb up, with the consequent demand on the PSNI time and resources.
  15. When I lived in NI, one of the guys had been broken into half a dozen times. He couldn't complain to the 'local defence force' as they were the ones that were doing it and complaining to the then RUC would have possibly been passed on to the 'local defence force' which probably would have resulted in a bat-o-gram.

    Another fine example was the clearing of all drug dealers from Loyalist Sandy Row by means of a pistol to the head. Of course with a lack of drug dealers, market forces demanded that this vacuum be filled and it was by the paramilitaries who had shot the drug dealers in the first place.