Prison Officers Strike. Army Could be Called in.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by W.Anchor, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. Army May Have To Run Prisons
    The army and the police could be sent in to run Britain's jails as relations between the Home Office and the Prison Officers' Association (POA) reach crisis point.
  2. Prison officers set to strike over funding

    Jamie Doward, home affairs editor
    Sunday March 5, 2006
    The Observer

    The army and the police could be sent in to run Britain's jails as relations between the Home Office and the Prison Officers' Association (POA) reach crisis point. POA sources say the union's 35,000 members are getting their 'ducks lined up' in preparation for strike action later in the year - an unprecedented move that is outlawed under the terms of the association's agreement with the government.

    Colin Moses, the association's chairman, declined to comment on whether the union's members were considering going on strike. By law the union must give a year's notice if members are to strike. But Moses admitted tensions between both sides were close to spilling over.

    'I've been national chairman for four years,' Moses said. 'This is the lowest point it's been in terms of relations between us and the government. We wanted to work with the Labour government but it's using draconian Thatcherite laws against us. We can envisage there will be a breakdown in the system if this continues.'

    The Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, warned the union that the government would freeze its funds unless it withdrew instructions to members not to co-operate with a job evaluation exercise.

    Clarke said the union's instructions breached a voluntary 'no industrial action' deal.

    However, a POA circular seen by The Observer states: 'If the Prison Service or Home Office are successful in taking any monies from POA funds... the executive will immediately ballot its membership to take industrial action up to and including strike.'
  3. Do we have to be nice to the inmates, or treat them as they deserve?
  4. With what exactly?
  5. Any further info?
  6. 35,000 out?

    That is alot of blokes to cover!!!

    Anyone know why the government and POA are at crisis point?
  7. Pay, Conditions, Terms of service, Pensions, housing, - seems about the same as us really!
  8. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I have to say on Friday evening as I 'walked' around Leicester square I had thought of some friends whose family own a Scottish Island, and as I looked around at the enemy within....I wondered if HMG could maybe lease it. Don't know what they'll do about the single malt production tho'?
  9. Time for an Army Federation really - exactly the same reasons why we have MRPvd :oops:
  10. Good idea. Let the Army run every prison like Colchester circa 1955. That should cut down on re-offending.
  11. You will find they have more rights then you. You touch them and you will get the book thrown at you. If you get hurt you have asked for it as you are wearing a uniform.
  12. Funny that we can't get on with Labours draconian crap either. As a bonus will we for night stag need a tv license in the nick?
  13. If the army went in with the MK1 crowd-control (SLR with plenty of 7.62ball) then I'd back the Army filling the hole by the lazy...sorry...striking prision officers.

    Personally, I believe the Army should not step in and plug holes whenever some fat foocker of a civvy throws his toys out the pram and wants to strike.
  14. Dish out the live ammo none of that poncy crowd control plastic bullets!

    Why not just let the army do everything be firemen, doctors, nurses, teachers, prison guards?