Prison Officers on Strike

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hugh_the_screw, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. I have now spent my first day ever on strike. there were many ex forces who are now prison officer with me. Do you think the public support this action????????
  2. No, because we'll probably end up doing that aswell.
  3. What is it you are striking for?

    Can't be arrsed looking for myself....
  4. Mainly because the Government has twice not given us what a pay review boby has recomended
  5. Definatly - good on ya and go *"screw"* the government

    *see what I did there
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Probably not as much as you would hope, but thats because they don't know the truth about the job. eg most people think Tornado is a big gust of wind or an airplane.

    for what it counts which is jack sh1t in the scheme of thing you have my support.
  7. And an illegal, wildcat strike, to boot. LOL. Good for you, Comrade Screw. 8O

    Excellent. Perhaps they'll tell their sons and daughters currently serving in the military to join BAFF and get themselves organised also.

    Uh... partly. They're shit-scared of 100,000 prisoners going over the wall so will have limited sympathy for you. But they’ll have seen too many episodes of ‘Porridge’ to love a screw.

    But the government will be bricking it, which was the main point of the exercise. To deliver illegal unofficial strike action in 2007 Britain on today’s scale is quite an achievement for the POA.
  8. I know a lad who is a prison screw. From what he tells me about the job and the pay he gets I'm fcuked if I'd do it.

    You've got my support purely on the wages thing alone.
  9. I didn't really support this until the useless tw*t Jack Straw starting gobbing of on BBC news.
    Amazing how this dickhead can make the public support the strikers.
  10. I'm about to get out and thought about the prison service. Once I found out what they get paid, thats all it was......a thought.
    So yes, I support you.
  11. I'm behind the strike 100%
  12. And me, all public services have been shafted for far too long now.
  13. I'm behind this 100%. Only surprised that it's taken this long for something to happen, it's been brewing for years.
  14. I think we all sympathise with the fact that the government reneges on its promises and is not funding anything correctly.

    I think the lightning manner in which it was conducted with very little disruption (24 hours only) will show that you are serious.