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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by taffplod, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. Thinking of applying for a career as a prison Officer, but as I'm getting on a bit now, 53, but still very fit, anybody go any advice to give me.
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    Go for it :D
  3. I wouldn't do it again not in today's PC Human Rights age of the New Tories
  4. As anybody got any information on this at the moment and updated news on Recruitment policy and the application procedure please.
  5. prison service website
  6. Ok ill change question slightly.

    Has any one who are going through the/have recently been through the application process got any information and advice please.
  7. Not in the prison service, but quite clued up on their selection procedures as I recruited for another branch of the civil service and studied the prison services recruitment system (amongst others) to model my own departments. PM me if you want some advice. I'm not suggesting that the procedures are exactly the same Nationwide, but all help is good help at this stage. I would suggest going for it. Age will not be a factor. You will however need a medical, depending on how far you get.
  8. pm winging its way in your direction.........i want more info on the canteen or cleaners job though :wink:
  9. I'm starting with HMP next month . see above 'unofficial' prison officer site, lots of good advice, though the selection has changed slightly recently can do Initial test online and the JSAC has changed to a 'recruit assessment day' which now includes an interview.

    The fitness is easy - 5.6 bleep test over a 15m running time about 3mins 30 secs.

  10. :D Thanks for all the advice folks, already done the online part found it fairly easy but have always worked in a technical thinking enviroment so the maths was ok, looking forward to the next phase, if I've got through the online part, keep you posted, cheers
  11. So the bleep test is about half a mile , and the rest seems pretty easy as well. Thanks again
  12. The link provided above will help. 53 isn't a bad age to start but its rare! I know a bloke recently started at my place who is 48 and he seems to be doing alright. You can also carry on past 60 as well...
    Be prepared for the ultimate PC world experience though and be ready to be instilled with allsorts of bullshit! i.e. awareness on B.M.E.'s, gays, diversity for both staff AND inmates! etc.
    The starting pay isn't much cop though and theres moves afoot for yet another reorganisation of staff and this may increase (sound familiar) and the operational support grade - OSG - is likely to take on more of the officers job. Depends on the jail as to how the job will work out for you - they are all totally different. The locals are the busiest (think wandsworth birmingham leeds) the cat c's are the worst behaved - lower security, les control, (lindholme,ranby,) followed by the cat b's (swaleside,parkhurst,garth)The high security nicks are probably the safest as they have managed to keep reasonable staffing and budgets.
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    They have been advertising on the radio here, "On the inside .com or some thing similar!