Prison - Is it So Bad ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, May 30, 2012.

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  1. Nice men in uniform looking after you, shit food you don't need to cook for yourself, lots of free time and a multigym...who can beat it ? Plus no-one will shoot you if you are quiet. Rent free.. Come on, kill a chav. Or a pikey, let's be liberal.
  2. And your sex life will improve 100%. Whether you like it or not.
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  3. Anything's gotta be better than that shite remand centre...
  4. Fuck knows.

    Write and ask Mick Philpott in a few months?
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  5. Jesus loves you

    A nice thing to hear in a church, terrifying to hear in a mexican jail.
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  6. worked in private prisons for a while and come to the conclusion that they could shut down in early june and become a specialist holiday venue, imagine-two weeks nag free from women!-a choice of FIVE (yes-FIVE) meals both lunch and tea(personally recommend the muslim menu as one of the best rubies ive ever had) - lay in till 7ish (8 at weekends)-excellent gym facilities for those so inclined-football every afternoon- dvd of your choice played most afternoons for the inactive-play stations as standard for the more couchier potatoes or first class library and educational facilities complete with computer literacy courses- what more can i say-book now as places will be limited to overwhelming demand!!
  7. It's shit and you know it is,so why ask the question,are you going to be sent down soon?, what crime did you commit?..
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  8. Quite a lot of current & former service personnel would probably have ended up in prison if they hadn't joined up, me included. I probably made the wrong choice, prison seems like a much cushier number and you're far less likely to get bum raped.
  9. The only problem is that the staff are absolutely dreadful.
  10. i know!! but there were some stunning female pcos and they could tuck me in any night !!
  11. Anyone who went through Deepcut should piss it.
  12. If they haven't been "Suicided"
  13. You were bum raped in the army?
  14. Never seen a verb conjugated quite that far, but yeah.
  15. I was told it was a normal part of phase one training. Are you telling me it isn't? I feel dirty.