Prison inspectors horror

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Born_to_hunt_Made_to_work, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. BBC news this morning released horrifying details that Peterhead prison still doesn't have flushing lavatories, and the chemical ones may go as long as 2 days without being emptied.

    British soldiers on operations, when interviewed, expressed their disgust that inmates should be left to rot, forgotten, in these unspeakably foul conditions, often miles from home and denied access to their families. One of them, Tpr Khazi, spoke from the heart: "These poor lads, " he said, a sob barely concealed, "I can't imagine what it would be like. I just feel so guilty, living in 5 star luxury, close to my home, with hot and cold flushing toilets wherever I go..." Sadly the interview had to be terminated as Tpr Khazi's nurses struggled to adminster his evening dose of pink pills.

    Stand by, stand by. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, RANT :D
  2. who gave them toilets? what's wrong with using the glass coffee table like the rest of us?
  3. I heard that the prison inspectors were also appalled at the lack of 24 hour room service as well. :eek:
  4. Going from memory and the BBC news report here

    "Pentonville is is such appalling condition, the Home Secretary will be approached to close it"

    Sympathy points nil. If you can't do the time don't do the crime. I am liking very much the idea that chokey is uncomfortable.

    "Prisoners missed a meal in one Prison"

    Diddums, and our guys on forward ops are missing fresh meals every single day.

    If the Prison Service is making life uncomfortable for convicts they have my support.
  5. Well, Im sorry but that little snippet at the start of the thread just doesnt make any sense to me at all.

    Is it applicable that the 'soldier' interviewed has a name that many londoners would use to describe a toilet.
    As this is what this 'news' appears to be. Absolute toilet.

    'A sob barely concealed' ????????
    What does this soldier do if he lives in '5 star luxury' everywhere he goes.
    Is there a source for this?
    That may help me understand this a bit more.
    Prisoners should be imprisoned and punished, not given a cushy little 'cell' with a TV, stereo etc.
    Blimey, those pesky people who have caravans probably empty their chemical toilet less than that.
  6. Part of th report mentioned the fact that Prison Officers do not "respect" the inmates.

    "Certainly Mr Chav you can have hot meals in your room, by the way utmost respect for kicking in that defenceless granny and robbing her of her life savings - good job well done"

    Bring back Penal Bns - only hope was to either die bravely or commit such an act of bravery as to be released. Or make em do hard labour and build roads.

    Rant seconded
  7. Comment of the day :D

    Prisons are overcrowed and poorly sanitised, prisoners don't get respect from the staff and occasionally miss meals? Brilliant! Long may it last.

    Suits U was that impenetrable post an attempted wah?
  8. Yep, keep the cons out of the kitchens, vermin and cockroaches eradicated immediately :D
  9. No just me off on a tangent and rambling inane dribble :D

    They did wrong, so they have to live in poor conditions.......

  10. much as I like the idea of prisoners suffering with a few notable exception most of the "chav scum" will be out in a year or two still unable to read unemployable and a bit unsure why they went to jail in the first place.
    after all it was probably a year since they were first arrested and it was'nt the first time they robbed someone or something :cry:
    DETTERNCE does'nt work with crims cause there STUPID
    the idea they can tell right from wrong is doubtful at best.
    the state needs to educate them make it optional you can learn to be useful again you get out early if not you can rot.
    its not being soft its doing what colly does but on a larger scale.
    the violent sex offender and murderers are a tiny part of the prsion pop
  11. The problem with our prison system, indeed with the way all offenders are treated is the belief in REHABILITATION and it supposed to start on day 1. However to rehabilitate someone they should experience punishment for their crime first then be taught to be a worthy member of society.

    It is the punishment element that has disappeared from our penal system over the last 30 years. Things used to be earned in prison, now everything is a right. I believe when someone goes inside they should wear the old prison garb a la Porridge, have a cell with a bunk, loo, sink, fixed table etc the same as the cells in Nuremburg.

    Othe than being allowed to see the 1800 news any other programmes should be earned, the wearing of your own clothes should be earned, and for bad behaviour these privileges are withdrawn.

    A no tolerance on drugs and alcohol in nick but we might as well dream
  12. Uniforms, bedspace laid out as per the regulations, no telly, dry in the bar and zero tolerance on drugs? Now what could they possibly use as a model for that sort of regime?! :)

    I'm just glad all the creepy crawlies have moved from hot countries various where Tommy A suns himself for 6 months at a stretch, and instead decided to infest the prison kitchens. :p
  13. ah yes, but that would be "infringing their human rights" some pr1cks would argue!
    I beleive that you lose your rights the moment you say fcuk the law.
    And i think that intli is on the right lines. Instead our bone system consists of five star luxury pads with fur lined cells, and if you're good you get trips (all expenses paid, may i add) all over the place. Isnt prison supposed to be a punishment, and not a friggin holiday!?!
    christ on a bike, most of the prisons are better equiped than half our bases FFS!
    And these reprobates are quibbling about their bogs, they should try a stint at warcop!!!
  14. What about general deterrance? Individual deterrance is only one part of a general detterance strategy. I know that there are studies that suggest that most criminals are not rational calculators (IE they dun think about getting caught/they think they will not get caught). However, the problem with these studies is that they are asking criminals - by definition criminals are those who have been caught which suggests that they are not terribly brilliant criminal minds... In addition, I don't think those studies asked the general public if healines like "Man sent to jail for life" deters them from crime. I know I don't want to be thrown into jail for life.

    I agree with you that rehabilitation is important. After all, if, having been released from prision, all they are qualified to do is Rob, then they are probably gg to rob. However, the punishment/deterrence part of sentencing must remain.

    Personally, now that Australia is nolonger an option, I think the UK ought to start shipping boatloads of people into antarctica... (they can learn to club seals or something) :)
  15. that would spawn another cricket team to kick our arrse!