Prison inmate sues after falling out of bed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ex_ex, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. He shouldn't have been there in the first place.
  2. He was innocent, their all innocent in Prison!!!! :D
  3. He wouldn't have fallen out of the bed if he hadn't been in prison; he wouldn't have been in prison if he hadn't broken the law. Self-inflicted injury - charge the fcuker.
  4. By that reckoning, we'll take away all the prison support services that provide for the care and rehabilitation of offenders - thereby making redundant all the staff involved - because the prisoners 'shouldn't have been there in the first place.'

    Isn't there a duty of care that's enshrined in law (is it Health and Safety?)to look after and promote the wellbeing of inmates? Should the state ignore this in order to make the Daily Mail and its readers feel happier, whilst risking prison riots?

    They haven’t thought this through. I have a couple of friends who are rail guards and they would definitely not be happy
  5. If you are in Prison you have done something to put yourself there. They shouldn't have any rights at all to sue for being given a bed.

    If I had my way they'd be on the floor. Antiligature measures in cells cost a lot of money. One bare room with no windows, lights or furniture on the other hand would be cheaper and prevent hanging.
  6. I assume that any compensation will be paid directly to the victim of whatever crime was perpetrated.
  7. I would also bet my left nut that the compo paid to this scummer for pulling this stunt is more than any crime victim is ever going to see.
  8. "He suggested inmates should not be compelled to sleep on the top bunk."

    Clearly he wants to snuggle up with his cell mate in the bottom bunk.

    "The Prison Service said it was trying to meet the needs of prisoners who felt unsafe sleeping on the top bunk."

    Yeah - stick him underneath "Big Bubba" in the segregation unit. We'll see how safe he feels then.
  9. Not only was he stupid enough to get caught, he is also such a mong he can't turn over in his sleep with out falling out of bed.

    He should be billed for damage to the bed. And this "magazine" for criminals should be axed to. Do they have monthly specials? "What Car... to steal" with ratings for speed of entry and speed on the roads?
  10. The answer is simple. By killing all crims, the now redundant Prison Service personnel can be moved over to reinforce the security at all our ports, thereby reducing the amount of illegals entering the country & they will also be able to help prevent other contraband from entering too.

    It's a win win situation. :wink:

    For now though, I must insist that the prisoner's bed be placed on the edge of the roof just in case he decides to fall out again. :twisted: