Prison Guards should knock before entering

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. In full

    My Chinese friends find this sort of thing hilarious, whats wrong with you people?
  2. They'll be asking for locks on their doors next.........................
  3. "You are entitled to food, clothing, shelter and medical attention. Anything else you get is a privilege" Alcatraz Rule No. 3

    Is it worth bringing in for this country? A lot of the conditions in prisons in this country appear to be to keep the inmates "placid" and easier to control. A tougher regime may be more expensive in terms of numbers of prison officers required to keep a lid on them, and this is a greater spend of tax-payers money, but if coupled with realistic alternatives to prison (community service doing real work, but in bright orange jump-suits) and placement of ex-cons into education and rehabilitation programmes (a friend of mine, a defence solicitor says most of his clients are "too thick" to stay out of trouble), it might result in long-term savings.

    Make it worth their while to stay out of trouble, and prison a tough place to be.

    Then again, I have yet to see a government (Labour or Conservative) that views long term as past the middle of next week.

    Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime anybody?

    (Copied from another forum, as this thread is more appropriate)
  4. Not arguing. I think part of the problem is the notion of prison as being in any way corrective. It's not there to make people who steal cars and break into houses and steal things better. It's there to isolate those people who are just plain dangerous from the rest of society.
    So if someone stole a car cause they were hooked on smack, in my opinion, they aren't so bad. They still need to be punished, If I had it my way, with enforced cold-turkey rehab that they CANNOT leave (I've seen people go through skag withdrawal, trust me it's punishment enough), and then state labour to repay their debt.
    Some scumbag who beats an old man to death to get his wallet gets life without possibility of parole and the guards do NOT have to knock when entering his cell.
  5. In any walk of life respect is earned over a period of time. I would suggest that an awful lot of the prison population have lost any immediate right to be respected, otherwise they would not be incarcerated in the first place. Therefore the only way they can earn respect is to keep themselves, their kit and their cells clean, keep drug free and, most importantly, follow the prisons' regime (that also means following the advice given by prison staff without being confrontational).
    In my time as a prison officer that was as unlikely to happen as Gordon Brown saying "sorry for being a tight-arrse to the army for the last 10 years, I will now fund you correctly" :D
  6. "But Glyn Travis, of the Prison Officers' Association, said: "If we have to knock on prisoners' cell doors we may as well give them a key and let them do what they want. There's got to be some modicum of sense."

    What on earth gave Glyn that idea?

    Currently Britains prisons are temporary holding areas for scrotes. They are not correctional facilities. I (a long time ago) spoke to a lawyer defending someone at Court Martial and he told me that the only decent correctional facility was MCTC Colchester.
  7. **** off,prisoners are their to learn respect and pay for their crimes stop pussy-footing around and make them pay by giving them hard labour.
  8. Prison should hurt.
    Prison should not be fun.
    There should be no privacy in prison.
    Prisoners should be fed basic diet only.
    Prisoners should be allowed only aerobic exercise, no gyms.
    Prisoners should pay for their food.
    Prisoners should be allowed reading material and radio only.
    Prisons should be run by official bodies only, no private companies.
    Prisons should be non smoking environments in accordance with the law.
    There should be two activities only for prisoners; work or education.
    Parole should not be considered for offences attracting more than a four year sentence.
    Prisoners should be made to wear issue uniform including all underwear and footwear at all times.
    Prisoners attempting escape should be shot.

    Problem sorted.
  9. Folks, If you was a Prison Officer (dont like being called Guards) would you honestly want to walk in on some big hairy arrsed ape giving his 'girlfriend' a good rogering ?

    By knocking your giving them time to 'adjust' the bed clothes
  10. You pinko liberal you; Mr Mackay
  11. still 21...; Oh, but the opposite of everything you just said resonates within the pink and fluffy skulls of those who are in the position to make these desisions. Also doesnt help that a worrying number of judges hold somewhat sympathetic attitudes to paedos i.e. apart from wig and gown, the other silly get up they use for their 'jobs' is a clown uniform. With a hole cut out in the bottom for prostrate stimulation as little sonny pulls the rabbit out the hat.
  12. aye right, should be knocking with their steel pole to announce the hour
  13. Wouldn't happen, because 'conjugal visits' would be the first thing out of the window.
    FFS why doesn't the raddled old bag just bring his armchair, fags, wifebeater (Stella), TV, kids etc.
    The only punitive element left in prison is the fact that they are separated from such comforts and activities.
  14. jeffery archers 'stint' just about summed up the baffoonary of it all.