Prison guard "kidnapped"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BONNACON, May 28, 2013.

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  1. It could have ended very badly indeed.
    I advocate gassing these cretins lest they cause further damage to the reputation of their religion.
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  2. 'Let's ask some convicted moslem terrorists to pray for the dead infidel. What could they possibly object to there?'

    It might work in a Hollywood film as they realise we are all brothers and the closing shot is of various faiths holding hands, but not, regretably in the real world. Lucky nobody was killed.

    Not thinking things through is the Emperor Mong's back up plan
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  3. Lots of rumours doing the rounds but HMP say that the stories in the media are wrong to name one person who isn't even in Long Sutton.

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  4. Mate of mine was murdered years ago and at his funeral the god-botherer piped up with "And now let us pray for the person who did this". He went close to a bloody good hiding too.
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  5. Deliberate mixing of prisons? HMP Long Lartin, HMP Full Sutton. The con(s) involved have more than likely already been moved to maintain the integrity of the investigation.
  6. Interestingly, why didn't they batter the Imam? He asked them, the guards never
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  7. In Full Sutton the chapel resides (and is separate to) what were B & C wings. The Imam comes in from outside so is not connected to the prison, apart from being Home Office approved, and there are always 2 prison officers within the chapel foyer/waiting room. They only go into the chapel itself on arrival, before the worshippers arrive, and do a security sweep. They do the same after prayers.

    The Imam must have called for prayers, that's a muslim calling for prayers for a so-called infidel if indeed that's what kicked it off. For an incident like this to happen, the perpetrators must have been inside the chapel for prayers and assaulted the prison officers on the way out, they would have had no chance as there's no way for them to protect themselves other than using their batons and could only have used them if they suspected problems.
  8. Since when have HMP employed "guards"?
  9. Since I ****ing said so
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  10. 1. I never knew an Imam who would even talk to Prison staff let alone take direction from them.

    2. It's not just muslims that continuously plead their case. We even had a Druid that did the same. I never saw anyone refusing to bang up with their "kuffir" cell mate, but that's probably because all the cells in Full Sutton are singles with a toilet & sink. A tremendous number of cons would also shout, scream or make any noise they could long into the night so I doubt very much if a muslim saying his prayers would bother anyone in the slightest. Do you really think any non muslim con gives two monkeys where the scrap meat he is being fed comes from or if it's Halal?

    3. We had more people converting to being Vegans because they got a special vegan food pack. Also Imams do not feed cons; how the hell do you think they'd get all that superb grub up the stairs in the Admin block, through the gates into the residential part of the prison then all the other gates between the Admin block and the chapel?

    4. All cons whinge, whine, bitch & moan, not just the muslims. Prison officers do too!
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  11. In a kind of 'bomb the mosques, radicalise the moderates' way?
  12. the only thing benchmade got right in his insane rants was that the muslim meals in prison were better than the normal ones-BUT only if you liked a good curry !! all the other options were similiar to the normal prison fare only halal and this doesnt nessecarily mean better tasting !!
  13. Because they are racist scum, They all need to spend a year in "the cooler" without a ball or that little book.

    Poor guards, hope they are well and seek some compensation in the form of £1000 bottles of Scotland's finest.
  14. "Moderate" Muslims will then get the opportunity to welcome the death sentences to prove how true their denunciations of this pairs "misunderstanding" of the Koran is.