Prison food ideas

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cometcatcher, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Whilst it's a great idea to improve catering on offer for hospital patients and public sector workers - should this be extended to prisoners?

    Any more fitting alternatives for catering for those scrotes who tried hard enough to actually get locked up?

  2. Piss with thistle soup and a nice steaming turd burger for mains, followed by a good shoeing for dessert, lets see them reoffend then or maybe rat pack menu c??? decisions, decisons
  3. Chocolate starfish pudding?
  4. Gruel with bread and dripping on Sundays.
  5. Just do it the old way - let their families bring food in for them - if they dont, then they are fucked!
  6. well after hearing the news the day, with that c*** gordan brown saying w e waste summit 40 millions pounds worth of food evey year, give them all the out of date stuff,
  7. Chocolate, and no water...
  8. cyanide sudaes, anthrax pudding and lashings of biscuit brown for good measure

    should sort out the overcrowding problem too :D
  9. give them out of date sh1t sandwiches
  10. They should be made to eat the paedos.

    Win, win.
  11. Tramp spaff. We could lay the foundations of an Olympic-class team in only a matter of months. Make the cons feel part of something majestic.

    Then it's just a matter fo getting the IOC to include tramp-gobbling in the Games.
  12. Yes, but what will I feed the lions on?... Naa fuck it.. let them eat the paedos... then feed them to the fucking lions.

    Makes my fucking blood boil when I see the mamby pamby attitude toward scumbag criminals.
  13. Dust

    Broken Glass



    Lava for the curry fans
  14. When are we going to reinvent the wheel and realise that 'rehabilitating' some prisoners just isnt working and go back to good old fashioned deterrent and punishment.

    Bread and water then if they earn the right, give them slops. If they feel like a riot just cow prod the fuckers. Break them before you rebuild them.

    Anyone see on Sky the other night; America's toughest jail? Run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Phoenix Arizona who puts the feckers in tents and makes them chain gang. Not many reoffenders I'm led to believe.
  15. There was also another prog on channel 5 same thing (and same nite/time) but in Mexico and Peru, made the above look like a holiday