Prison escape tools


Dryden, 64, was jailed for shooting Harry Collinson, chief planning officer for Derwentside District Council, when council officers moved in to demolish Dryden’s illegally-built bungalow in Butsfield, near Consett, in June 1991.

He shot the father-of-two twice in the chest, and once in the head as he lay on the ground. A policeman and reporter were also wounded.

The incident was seen by millions of people after the tragedy was captured by a photographer from The Northern Echo and a BBC camera crew.

Dryden was jailed for life at Newcastle Crown Court in 1992. He was denied parole in 2001 because it was felt he showed little remorse.

The former steelworker was held in Rye Hill Prison, near Warwickshire.

A spokesman for Haverigg Prison said: “Prisoners come to us and would have to go through another two stages before being released.

“However, some of the prisoners do work in the community and many long-term prisoners will get to go out on a visit somewhere.

“Dryden will not be eligible to work in the community because his security clearance is not suitable.”

This bloke was in HMP Durham - and all the IRA lads in HMP Frankland were hoping that he'd be transfered there - the majority of his weapons were homemade!

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