Prison Escape Planex

Have just attempted the above which was sent to me by kind member of this forum and found it VERY complicated. Was wondering if anyone knows;
a) whether it is a "real" one, ie Main Board, or a briefing one, or neither
b) whether it is considered to be a difficult one, as there seemed to be a large number of fiddly calculations, and
c) anyone else tried it?
Any comments appreciated, thanks. :?
I don't know about the Prison Escape one, but I'll offer some general advice on planex's. At my main board not a single person in the group managed to get the best answer; and I know that we didn't all fail. So clearly you're not automatically expected to get a perfect answer (although obviously it won't hurt). With the one I did, there was a dead cert answer, maybe a couple of solutions which could potentially work and lots which definitely wouldn't. I'm not sure about "fiddly" calculations - you're not doing calculus, just distance/speed/time and maybe some addition, so if you're struggling maybe some mental arithmatic practice is in order.

My always-dubious advice, in no particular order of importance. Some of it's from my own experience, some of it regurgitated from other people:

- Get your calculations spot on.
- Manage your time well, make sure you show on your answer sheet that you've at least looked at a couple of alternative solutions.
- Never assume you have anything which isn't on the briefing.
- There could be some gambles thrown your way: There may be a road, but will anybody be driving on it? There may be an airfield, but will the pilots be present/willing/sober enough to fly you where you want to go? If you're going to gamble, be prepared to justfy it in the debrief.
- Don't sweat it if you don't have the dead cert solution, so long as you have something that works, and that you can defend against some scrutiny.
- Write down everything you do. If you didn't write it down, it didn't happen. Keep your notes concise but clear.
- Finally, don't start your debrief with "I know that I've totally messed up this plan, but...". The DS will be glad to pick holes in your plan without any assistance from you.

Gone off on a tangent there, but I hope this is useful to someone.
@ overpromoted.

Sound advice mate. I have my AOSB Mainboard next week and the planex is the one thing that I am nervous about.

I think the most important piece of advice you've given is: don't assume anything or invent equipment that you haven't been briefed is available. In my AOSB Briefing one guy assumed that a broken down car could be fixed in 10 minutes and then be reliably used for a mission lasting 12 hours... Needless to say, the DS took great pleasure in pissing all over the guy's plan.

It's funny, I went to the Briefing being worried about the physical stuff, (having never had an experience of army standards before) yet it was the mental side of it that was most taxing. The phys and command tasks were fun!

Good luck to anyone who is facing their Mainboard and if you're attending the June 30th one, I will see you there. PM me your name and I will look out for a friendly face.
Thanks for all of the general advice- all helpful stuff.

I was specifically looking for info on Prison Escape though. I've done quite a few planexes and found them usually fairly straightforward. Prison Escape seemed to be a great deal more complex than most though.

Usually planex calculations involve fairly round numbers but this one involved so many different time factors that it got ridiculous. there were several points in the narrative which lacked clarity and potenially compromised some COA. Additionally timings involved seconds, rather than whole minutes and the solution supplied with the planex didn't seem to take any of the narrative's complexity into account.

I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not Prison Escape is a real planex from the board, or just a well circulated 'homemade' one?
I tried Prison Escape and failed to find the solution myself! I found it very tricky, no idea if it is a 'real' one...have a few others to try so hoping they're more straightforward....
Is this the prison escape with the Air raid and woods to the right hand side, if so its not easy, I tried this on TCB and never came up with a plan the DS liked, think it is possibly a no win planex.
I loved the Prison Escape, lots of 'extra' info that you don't need to worry about.

Sort the wheat from the chaff and crack on with it, the options are pretty obvious. There are two pretty good options if I remember correctly.
Clanker; no it's a group breaking out of prison camp by digging or other means. Biscuit; thanks for reply, my thinking was that actually all the factors were important, whether patrolling guard, searchlight etc. I did get a solution but not enough time to work out the detailed timings. Thanks again, everyone.
I realise this is now a very old thread, but does anybody have the Prison Escape exercise? Sounds like a challenge, game to have a crack at it tomorrow morning

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