Prison camp art that escaped guards

Prison camp art that escaped guards

POW's scrapbook of the Great Escape is to be auctioned

A CARTOON of the prison break depicted in the film The Great Escape has emerged in a prisoner’s war diary

I thought these facts interesting:-

The Corporal was also likely to have contributed his possessions to the escape attempts. The Luftwaffe, which ran the camp, estimated that materials stolen for escape attempts included 4,000 bed boards, 1,699 blankets, 161 pillow cases, 34 chairs, 52 tables each capable of seating 20 men, 90 double-tier bunks, 1,219 knives, 478 spoons, 582 forks, 30 shovels, 1,000ft (305m) of electric wire, 600ft of rope, 3,424 towels, 246 water cans and 69 lamps
The diary will be sold as part of a lot that includes Nutting’s Rolex watch, which he got while a prisoner in the camp. Rolex operated a scheme whereby prisoners would only have to pay for watches after the end of the war.,,2-2338967,00.html

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