Prismatic Compass

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by boney_m, Oct 14, 2003.

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  1. I recently obtained a prismatic compass model M-73 from a very nice Iraqi on a market stall. Does anyone know of a company who services these? It has an air bubble, not too big but i would like to get it refilled and sealed.

    Any info appreciated,


  2. Just found this very oldie...

    is it a wah?
  3. Takeing the risk of looking like even a bigger idiot than normal I have to ask - why do you think this might be a (very old) wah?
  4. I assume that ITV thinks having a bubble in ones prismatic is acceptable?
  5. Pop it into your nearest armourers/techs with suitable bride and it shouldn't be too much hastle.
  6. would that be "bribe"?

    How's it going CC? Still missing Mr Dugdale? :D
  7. Look at the date of the original post mate. :wink:

    I am sure it must of been fixed by now. :D

    It was always a hastle to get you to work, bribe or not. :D
  8. Indeed, but I was never a marksman.
  9. That's because someone had to drink during working hours!
  10. That's why he joined the TA :D
  11. Actually, i flogged it on ebay ages ago (complete with bubble).
  12. Did you get a free 'Bride' with it? :) Can't believe you're all picking on the dyslexic hobbit!