Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Yeah but you'd have to be really straight if you'd not chuck one up Guy Pierce.
I'm definitely straight then. Went to see it at the cinema with my girlfriend at the time when it first came out (excuse the pun). Was most likely the only straight bloke in the place. Very enjoyable movie all the same.
Not seen the stage show, the film is ******* great
Saw the film first..... it's quite a dark film, the humour is quite black, but the show is very feelgood, over the top camp.

There's a lot of sharp dry wit in there, I won't spoil it for you, but there was one gag....... the next day in the office, someone innocently offered my wife's gang a ginger biscuit.

They all cracked up, there must have been a rainbow over their desks.......
Mad max is camp as Christmas.
Well the first one does feature a "versatile" biker gang and it's got that Papist anti-semite in it who hates his missus in it. I've never been trusting of eyeliner wearing men who address each other as "puppy", they could be from Lisburn.

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