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Rumours are getting out that servicemen and woman sent to the Priory - where the Government sents all trauma cases, like PTSD - are receiving poor treatment. Why? Take Combat Stress, the ex-services welfare charity, its treatment is provided by ex servicemen and women who understand what army life is like, while medics at the Priory are used to dealing with pampered celebs. This makes a big difference. I know of loads of troops who do brilliantly at Combat Stress, but get worse on the NHS etc because the staff there just don't understand what's been going on and are unsympathetic. Has anyone had similar experiences or know people who have had similar experiences at the Priory? Or does anyone have any rumours about why it might be so rubbish?
Of course. Good nose. I do a lot of work on this issue and a number of troops have told me this, which I think is disgraceful that they are getting shite treatment from the Priory. However to prove it I need more evidence. If you feel that same just let me know...
You'll need to establish your bona fides, Bill, with a first posting like that. Otherwise, people are likely to think you're a journo or one of the drones in MOD's press office, who have been told to think that ARRSE and BAFF are unreasonably critical of psych facilities provided for the military.
Fair enough. Combat Stress can vouch for me as a reliable journalist. I've worked with them on different articles for the past five years. To check you can email Robert Marsh, Director of Fundraising and PR, on Although don't fill up his in box, just contact him if you wish to contact me. I need the info for development for a possible BBC Panaroma. It is an important issue and troops just aren't getting the treatment they deserve at the Priory and it needs saying loudly. If you can help email me on: otherwise good luck.
No comment on your specific question, but the award of this contract to the Priory can no doubt be linked to the Cash for Honours debate.


I was going to the Priory as a outpatient for two years before the Army pulled the funding. The psychiatrist i was seeing was very good, but as soon as i started to see the Army psychiatrist at Aldershot i was out on my arrse MD.

On the first meeting with him( Army psychiatrist) he told me i was on my last chance with the Army & i was looking at being MD, within 6 months i was out of the Army.

Its down to the psychiatrist you get, one or two are very good, the rest are a load of SHIT, i can say this as someone who has seen over 10 Army Psychiatrist & CPNs, also the psychiatrist's & CPNs that work for the Army are there for the Army not the Soldier.
sniper_bob said:
No comment on your specific question, but the award of this contract to the Priory can no doubt be linked to the Cash for Honours debate.

That and the fact that the NHS were not even invited to bid. That is not to say that I think the NHS would have been any good; in general, ex-service personnels' experience of NHS treatment/follow-up for PTSD seems to have been poor. However, the Priory contract does seem to have lacked the element of competition.

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