Priority Rights for Veterans in the NHS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. Doesn't seem to be working in practice. I'm going to e mail the BBC link to the Veterans Agency and my MP. It's not on. Although they have form for it, they must not say one thing, but allow something different to happen and if they do, it's up to us to bring them to account by mithering about it until it changes. :x
  2. More broken promises from this failed government, not worth the paper it was written on. Words used to appease, not communicated to those who have to deliver......
  3. don't think anybody's bothered to tell the NHS :roll:
  4. The Health Minister quoted by BBC seems lamentably ill-informed about the NHS's excellent means for promulgating info to doctors via the CMO's (Chief Medical Officer) letters.

    But I suspect that unless there is some sort of ombudsman to whom complaints can be addressed by those who believe they have been wrongly prioritised, then this admirable policy is unlikely ever to work as intended.
  5. Strangely enough it isnt a priority or a box to be ticked by the PCTs so a non event and not worth the paper. Getting under the 18 week wait for elective surgery is a priority and having service personnel jump the queue would not help achieve this.
    Accounting for each individual H1N1 vaccine is a priority as is getting the stats to Whitehall.
    Setting up a web site so the public can comment on practices/hospitals is a priority even though no one posts on there unless they are very very angry, when a complaint might get more responce
    Having a picture of a disabled person, some ethnic minoritiies and people with learning disabilities on the Trust front page is a priority, there is no box to tick to include service personnel.
    I am afraid there appear to be quite a lot of higher priorities of a political nature infront of the service community
  6. Oh FFS , if your'e entitled to priority treatment as a veteran bleeding well ask,( Jog memory/respectfuly point out/demand ) like every thing else in life it's not going to come on a plate. get it marked on your medical notes.

  7. Granted I work in a fairly provincial NHS Hospital Trust, this is the first I've heard of this scheme. I shall ask questions tomorrow and report back! :twisted:
  8. Oooh what an outrage!

    Maybe we should start whinging because we're not allowed to push to the front of bus queues and why should we queue for Burger King when we've been to Afghanistan, especially if we get injured? What about policemen, firefighters, and any other services who regularly get injured in the line of duty? Oh, forgot! That's not selling papers nor vogue at present is it? Soldiers get paid just as others do. We all volunteered knowing the dangers involved. Anyway, bring back military hospitals.
  9. I agree with you there FJR, the NHS should go on NEED not what you do for a living. I'd be pretty Fcuking outraged if my child ever needed treatment quickly, but got pushed to the back of the queue because a squaddie needed some non esential treatment. :x
  10. Like it or not, there are times when ex-service folks need urgent surgeries, for a whole raft of reasons. Those looking after them know, only too well.

    Largely unaware or just plain obstreperous? Usually requires a short call and a sharp word about these "priorities". Story

    "A report into the progress of the Service Personnel Command Paper cited figures showing that a third of GPs knew nothing at all about priority treatment for war pensioners.

    The report said the Royal British Legion feels "that the delivery of priority treatment remains inadequate, as awareness of the scheme among healthcare professionals and veterans is low."

    Ask them about X Factor or Michael Buble? No problems :roll: Funny that.
  11. The policy allows for veterans to receive priority treatment when judged against those of the same clinical need - it does not allow for jumping ahead of those with greater clinical need, so no urgent kiddies would be displaced. Calls for the 2007 policy to be honoured are not necessarily reflecting outrage, rather a wish for policy to do what it says on the tin, and not vanish as useless spin. There's no mechanism at the moment for collecting relevant data to provide the evidence on whether the current policy is being implemented at all.
  12. Does that mean Joe Civvie might be about to get treatment only to find Tommy Atkins has suddenly jumped in front suffering from the same ailment? If so its not really a policy thats going to do the armed forces any publicity favours.
    If they were that bothered why not reopen some military hospitals?
  13. Oh please Vampangua no more data collecting for data sake. It doesnt mater what the data says, SPIN will make statistics say what the politicians want it too.
    My PCT was formerly 4 PCTs merged to save on management costs. 2 Years later it is bigger than the the 4 it replaced last year alone it had a 25% increase in management costs to count beans and provide the DoH with statistics.
    The only people being hit with the new 50% tax bracket in Primary Care are not GPs but NHS Directors!
  14. With my Medical history over the last 8 months I cannot fault the NHS (or the RAF Med Centre at Leuchars) as they have been absolutely spot on.