Priority housing for injured Service personnel


War Hero
Councils are being instructed to treat seriously injured army personnel as a priority when allocating modified housing, under new guidance announced by Housing Minister Iain Wright.

The decision is designed to help ensure better availability of specially adapted housing with features like walk in bathrooms, wider door frames, lowered light switches, and entry slopes rather than steps, for army personnel as part of the Government's commitment to support those injured in the service of their country.

The guidance will also reinforce changes to help make sure all members of the Armed Forces can also apply for social housing in areas in which they were based during their service. Previously, Service personnel were restricted by the need to demonstrate a local connection beyond having served there.

Defence Minister Kevan Jones said:

"We are determined to ensure that our seriously injured service personnel are rewarded for their sacrifice with the best possible package of support. It is only right that they are given top priority for specially adapted homes to ensure that they and their families can live in the best possible accommodation."

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