Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ROO_HEAD, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Hey. I`ve been reading these boards for a while so thought I`d sign up. I`m a civvy ( apologies), never got any further than the ACF due to failing the medical for the regs due to dodgy hearing. Anyway, here`s the question. we`re all aware how overstretched and underfunded the forces currently are. Just supposing the forces got a huge but not unlimitless cash injection. What should the priorites be ? Navy- actually having a couple of ships left to patrol the ocean. RAF ? more heavy lift capability and helicopters ? Army ? Increase the numbers, more equipment, better equipment ? should the money go instead on better pay and conditions for those serving thus retaining more of those already trained ? or should it be invested in training ( Parachute Regiment actually parachuting for example). I know it`s an over simplified question but anyone care to share their thoughts ?
  2. We still parachute and the battalion (3PARA) are parachuting next week, weather depending. Any extra cash should go into my bank account BTW.
  3. Journo?
  4. no mate, just an ordinary bloke, not a journo or a walt.
  5. Agreed journo
  6. Does this mean that the MoD aren't stopping jumps until 2012?
  7. No obviously he is just what he says he is; a concerned citizen.

    Really considering the amount of support the press is giving the Army and this site at the moment this knee jerk mongish 'journo?' line is obviously MoD endorsed.

    Why not call him a cnut while your at it?
  8. I`m a fricking forklift driver !!!!
  9. As you know the MoD look into many ways to save money so i suppose it's still a possibility. I've heard through a 'good' source that Brigade jumps will be scrapped and Battalion jumps will be fewer. Fine by me as long as i get my Para pay! :D
  10. Personally ROO HEAD I would say that chucking most of the MoD budget at wages, accomodation, personal equipment and transport aviation. People often say ' oh but we are under contract with BAE for upteen billions for some badly concieved, over priced crap and we cannot break the contract' (especially as they have taken bungs), - these people have NO EXPERIENCE OF COMMERCIAL CONTRACT LAW WHATSOEVER. It would not be beyond the realm of possibility to break/reschedule existing spend to focus on core issues which are pay and conditions.

    It happens in the real world all of the time.
  11. Come on people!

    In the US, they are taxed less, but spend more GDP on military kit than anyone else.

    Why can't we match them per head on kit, and maintain the level of training we do now (or even do more)? We'd still be the worlds' best man to man, but better still.

    It isn't rocket science is it? If some fcuking lard-arse in whitehall can't do his job without fancy wallpaper and fancy chairs, then why the fcuk should anyone expect our soldiers to do their job (and maybe die in the process) without the right kit. Big chairs for lard-arses, or kit and housing for troops. How about comparing 2nd parliamentary homes and £100,000 plus stationary budgets for tossers to guys dying through lack of armour.

    We should be getting all the goootchie kit, along with the necessary training to use it. As much kit as is needed. The UK military budget is far too small to improve recruitment or fight a war where the enemy is fighting back in a meaningful way with meaningful kit. Imagine Afghanistan and the fanatical 'running-at-the-guns' but with better kit. We'd be right in the sh1t then wouldn't we?
  12. I've asked Nick Harvey if he knows whether or not there is actually a moritorium on jumps - I expect an email within a week or two. It isn't looking good for the Torygraph though