printing pdf font issues

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by spad, May 14, 2010.

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  1. I have a massive PDF document which I combined for ease of printing,

    Separate documents print fine but as soon as I combined it there are several font issues,

    Any ideas what causes this?

    I am using acrobat pro 7,
    The original files are word that are causing the problems

    My printers are set up to download a soft font,

    cheers spad
  2. I take it you have embedded all the fonts?
    Word documents (.doc/.docx) can be saved directly to .pdf in MS Office
  3. yeah the fonts have been embedded,

    any other ideas?
  4. I wasn't meaning to be facetious, I use PdfFactory and Expert PDF, and on accasion have forgotten to embed all fonts used in the documents - I have never used Adobe (except for the reader).

    You might get some answers HERE

    or on the ARRSE Online Gaming and Computer Advice
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Which version of Word are you using?
  6. cheers for the help rockape,
    I know going back to basics is normally the problem as you tell some one to check the plug and they say dur you come along to plug it in for them :D

    MSR, I'm using word 2007, it just seems to happen when i add all the sections of the pdf togther, print them seperatly fine, altogther ...... computer says NO ... cough

    or should I say printer says noo

    cheers for any help guys
  7. You might find part of the problem is the old verson of Acrobat Pro (v7) not liking what's coming across from a Word 2007 document.
  8. Yes, we have had similar issues when we swapped over to office 2007, there are new fonts that other programmes can't form.
  9. cheers for the help fella's I'll look into it and see what google digs up
  10. If your still having difficulties you could try PDFFactory Pro The free version prints ' pdffactory trial' or some such at the bottom of each page but other than that its fully funtional. If the ' pdffactory trial' bit is a problem PM me, I have a spare license you can have.