Printers & photocopier techs

Okay so it has taken 13 years for me to finally break and rant about this one but here goes...

Why on earth do Officers & Soldiers automatically think that WE (Clerks) know how to fix these cunting things when it starts to bleep and paper becomes jammed in all the different areas.

Just to clarify that this isn't part of our Job, we do not go on our Employment course and spend the days on how to fix EVERY "Shite" type of printer or photocopier that the Forces buy! So how is it when one breaks that the automatic response is to stand whilst it is bleeping , stare at a Clerk until HE/SHE finally breaks down and offers to hepl you!

With most these days having more compnent parts than a fucking Apache it is not only a waste of precious time in my life I will never get back, BUT I honestly coudn't give a flying fuck if your to dumb to follow the (now) on screen instruction on how to fix the jam! Nether do I care that the CO, OC, RSM wants this copied now, that my dear boy , IS YOUR PROBLEM... It has never , will it ever be in my interest to care about or know how fix them, EXCEPT when I am using it and it jams or breaks, then and only then will I give a flying FUCK!!

Have nice day , I am off to bed my head hurts lol!
I've got a Canon IR3025, it has a problem doing double sided printing. You don't fancy having a quick look at it before you fuck off do you?

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