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Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by Moodybitch, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Need payment either in form of a BACS payment or a cheque at their Bournemouth office tomorrow!!

    Any ideas?
  2. Post a cheque Special D today?
  3. Anyone got a chequebook then?
  4. I haven't got my cheque book with me, and I'm not home until tonight.

    Do they take debit cards or something?

  5. no fluff, i asked they said no
  6. CHAPS payment? does cost extra, but is straight into their account same day.
  7. Which one os us can set that payment up??
  8. The PayER sets it up, but if memory serves correctly you have to go into the bank yourself, I don't think you can do it telephonically.
  9. I have a job interview to go to in 20 mins so I cant do that - I am already having to lug boxes of leaflets home. What the feck can we do.
  10. CHAPS is same day, so could somebody sort it for tomorrow?
  11. MDN is going to BACS through his company - he is phoning fluff now
  12. Bike booked, payment being sorted.

    Copy MUST be with them before 10am tomorrow.

    Whoever is responsible for this please pm me so I can email you the specifications.

    I am off now to try and not look stressed in an interview.

    Wish me luck. :)
  13. Good Luck! :D
  14. Best of British to you!
  15. Who is doing the copy for this?