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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by JennyTwoWombs, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. Hi there guys wonder if anyone oput there can give me a bit of advice? im buying a new printer for college and need to copy and scan as well and it needs to be wireless. Ive seen some really cheap ones in Asda and Tescos, like about £30-40 and they look like theyd be great however i dont think they come with ink cartidges and the ones ive looked at are about 25 quid each. Can anyone advise the best to to buy and the most economical as well as will be doing loads of printing - i only work part time, can spend a fortune and dont want to spend it every week buying new cartidged.

    Thanks guys luvya xxx Jennixxxx
  2. Kodak do a good, cheap printer/scanner: printer quality is pretty good, too. Plus the refills are cheaper than most makes.
  3. just bought a kodak one myself, very nice indeed. It 'arrives' with half full cartridges but a new set isnt expensive and its decent enough quality.
  4. just bought a kodak one myself, very nice indeed. It 'arrives' with half full cartridges but a new set isnt expensive and its decent enough quality. Its wireless too

  5. hey poem thanks this is one i looked at at pretty cheap - whats the ink situation, does it come with loaded ink and what are refills like.....i know cheap looks good but dont want to fork out loads every month for ink - thanks everyone else for input, too much choice out there methinks - blond and baffled :) Jennixxx
  6. im sure you can fill in cartriges by your self with a cheap kit that has ink and a needle ect? just a thought , i might be talking shit who knows
  7. First off, get one set off new ink cartages, for your computer, and a re-inking kit, then weigh them, they should be around 24gms each, when your ink cartages are are empty, weigh them, if 18gms, then put in 6gms of ink, get syrang from re-ink pack and weigh that, than suck in 6gms of ink, then put into ink cartage, to clean ink cartage, use bathroom cleaner, toilet paper, spay paper, then wipe area where ink comes out, there are 2 types of ink cartage, just ink cartage with chip and other with build in ink sparer. If just ink cartage and chip, you might have to get a re-chiper, please read the instruction paper with re-ink pack, the other ink cartage, re-ink put back into printer, then goto printer settings and tell the printer you have put new ink cartages in, other wise it will not work, also there is setting for speed, quick is draft setting, less ink, slow setting uses more ink, this may sound a bit long winded, but I have lexmark 1200, and i has a carage for 3yrs befor it gave up on me, it had done over 20,000 A4 sheets and a lot of re-inking, inky fingers, hope this helps
  8. that one i like crazycrab!! Just out of interest how long does a box of teabags last you :) Jennixxx
  9. HP printers usually come with half filled ink carts. I invested £69 a couple of months back on an HP WiFi (B110 Photosmart) and this was the case. For the extra it allows access to HP eprint where you are authorised users can send material to your printer direct. Well worth the money - reduced from £99.99. Have a look on Amazon there are usually bargains there too. HP ink is shitloads cheaper on Amazon too a XL Black cart was £13.99 there and cheaper than other online sites/Cartridge World. Dog-Meats idea re putting stuff on disc and printing off at college is also a good additional option to cut down on ink refill costs etc.
  10. not long :)