Printer Cartridge Bomb Almost Missed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. Good to see that time spent in Guantanamo and rehabilitation has really stopped these people wishing to belong to Al Qaeda!
  2. Of course they were all peace loving before Gitmo.
  3. Thats hardly the point.

    How many new recruits have flocked to the arms of terrorist because of gitmo and other affairs such as iraq and afghanistan?
  4. I read in the Telegraph today that it was the Saudis not Yemenis who told Leicestershire Plod to look again. After all, it is the Saudis who have the informant.

    From Leicestershire Police's website:

    A lame attempt at admitting the sequence of events without admitting a fcuk up. Still, the experience should sharpen up their procedures and thinking.

    A shitpence printer being sent half way around the world? The freight charges would have been in excess of the cost of a new one. If the contents can be identified, the default position should be;

    save your money, take your printer home and tell your friend in Chicago that for much cheapness he can buy a new one. Bloke fcuks off, call made to police, bloke gets talked to nicely by local police, dawn raids follow.

    One hole in cargo security plugged.

  5. I have heard that before--we can agree to disagree.
  6. Great point--it seems our security people need to keep their common sense with them as they come up with all sorts of new technology and procedures as this IMHO should have been the easy giveaway.
  7. What would be interesting to know though is the level of intel received prior or during the initial search and how specific the prod was from the Saudis for the second.

    PETN must be a bitch to find given it's characteristics.

    Obviously, as mentioned above, photocopiers being shipped from Yemen to synagogues in Chicago should have had a few bells ringing after a quick look at the shipping manifest...
  8. JJJ wrote
    I fancy that you are better placed than most ARRSERs to feed this line of thought to those who can turn it into an SOP. Of course the plan needs locally employed shipping agents in sandier parts to be switched on, onside and courageous.
  9. Option a--the number of actual or potential islamic terrorists now is the same as 10 years ago.
    Thus--all the efforts since 9/11 have had no effect on islamic terrorism or simply managed to contain its expansion to similar levels. Military efforts in iraq and elsewhere have been against locals fighting for their own sovereignty rather than against islamic terrorism.
    Conclusion--the public narrative about foreign policy intent and claims of success are utterly bogus

    Option b--there has been a significant increase in the number of actual or potential islamic terrorists over the past decade.
    Thus--military efforts in iraq and elsewhere have a degree of legitimacy vizavis antiterrorism.
    Conclusion--despite the element of legitimacy to military operations and associated efforts (gitmo) the efforts have been counterproductive in reducing the number of terrorists and thus the full extent of the threat
  10. I believe there are a number of other premises beyond the 2 you cite but they have been discussed ad nauseam on other threads on ARRSE and beyond and I do not have the time, interest or energy to debate them again.
  11. The criminal mind has no limits when it comes selfdenial or selfjustification
  12. Wonder why they used Fed Ex? Surely TNT was a more obvious choice of courier.
  13. Indeed so. Just look at the shouts of Allahu Akbar as the "faithful" in total self denial and self-justification watch their handiwork explode intentionally killing defens(c)eless non-combatants to prove how "right" they are.
  14. Although it will digress from the thread on to a subject that has been debated here countless times before, maybe you'd like to enlighten us as to your fail safe solution to international terrorism? Of course you'd probably like to bear in mind that Al-Qaeda have been active in Yemen since the late 1980's.

    Or we could just stay on topic.