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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Civvy_Shot, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. HP

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  1. Another bit of electronic kit has topped itself - this time the printer. I reckon it just needs a bit of fine adjustment (ahem), but SHE seems to think 2 years of the cat kipping on it has royally screwed Mr Canon.

    I know I'll give in soon, so any advice? Not huge useage, but need good photo resolution as 75% of the prints are piccies, maybe one of the ones with a combined scanner? (And one that has a closed cover to keep the mog's dandruff out.)

    Ripoff cartridges will be an issue (she has to pay for them from her own pocket money) so I'd probably go for one with separate colours and nip down to Cartridge World - the cheapskate's friend.

    Have been through Epson and Canon so far at home, I use Lexmark at work and they seem robust enough. Unfortunately, I do not have enough shiny pennies to consider laser.

    Any advice from the more adept or experienced?
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Epson every time, however there is currently a major issue with Epson and copy-cartridges.

    Epson tried to take the cheap cartridge manufacturers to court to stop them producing replacement cartridges - they lost.

    So, they have changed the firmware in all their latest devices that stop the device recognising anything but Epson's own cartridges.

    Massive own goal, but I can't think who else produces decent kit. Stay away from HP - they're shoit.
  3. I have a HP pcs photosmart 2410, with which I am much pleased. It scans, photocopies, sends and receives faxes, and reads photos directly from a memory card.

    I even got some OCR software with it. I like it a lot. Oh, and it has a closing cover too.
  4. Take a look on eBay, and register with your local there are some real bargains around at the moment. HP probably gets the vote.
  5. You could try whatever printer they use in your workplace, that way you will always have spare cartridges.
  6. Poll added (not bored at all) - soo 2 for HP, one for Epson.

    Can't source from Fleabay as I need it in sharpish as she's got a project to do that needs pics printing - did suggest that she got her posterior down to Jessops with a mem stick but no...

    Unfortunately almost all the work ones are B&W laser and the colour carts are guarded like Fort Knox. Nice idea though.
  7. Id go with epson or HP. Stay away from lexmark, They may have cheaper machines, But they screw you over royally on the cartridges.
  8. If you can stretch to £240 for a colour Oki laser, its a bargain. I have had mine for 2 1/2 years now just for home use and not changed the cartridges yet. Perfect laser prints.
    It'll be expensive when I do change them but I reckon I have another 12 months worth of use, yet.
  9. I've got an old Epson C64 that prints pretty good photos, I can get ink carts off Ebay dirt cheap. The last ones including postage only cost £11 for 12 carts :D
  10. I have had HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark in the past and not had any real issues with any of them. Only major downfall on the Lexmark was the cartridge price (as has been stated already).

    Personally, I always look at price of the printer and cartridges and work on it from there, I don't see the point in spending loads on it unless you use it professionally for work. For home use, school work etc etc ones around £100 are more than adequate in my experience.