Printed Nylon Webbing

Hi y'all.
Just a word of warning. Printed webbing looks great when brand new. But have a look at this photograph:

Piccie shows what happens to printed nylon webbing after a few weeks light wear.
The true nylon colour is showing through. Nylon web does not keep print; it abrades off very easily.
The pale tan/cream is the basic colour of (in this case) Multicam.
Haven't the Dutch already shown this to be the case? as most of their stuff has DPM webbing straps
I can understand the problem with single colour webbing on bergans etc as it'll cause a straight line no matter how small and as we all know that........
Woven patterns on webbing would be costly but more effective. Some items of equipment have so much web material that they appear one colour.
Hi Boris, dont want to p**s on your bonfire but the lads on the ground want the printed webbing, even if its just one sided at the moment, I know you go on about industry standards etc but the party line at the moment is they will use printed stuff and adapt and overcome if necessary. This is from Brecon senior ranks, I did pass on your thoughts about it turning white but they have said if this happens they wil deal with it. If any anyone has any further feedback on this point please let me know as I have double sided, single sided Multicam but I still have members of the UK services wanting green or coyote tan.
They'll probably need to buy some pretty large marker pens then. Like I stated earlier polyester does the job, but "fuzzes up".
BTW you're not bonfire pissing old chap; I'm stating a fact.
I'm with Boris on this one, I've seen this happen to a few items of kit, all "top spec" US gear companies, so i guess the whitening is accross the board on the nylon webbing. The "lads on the ground" want the printed pattern when they see it in the shop/online, i'm sure after a few months of light use on PDT in the UK they'll not be as impressed.
There's no way printing is sufficient. As far as I'm concerned that loss of colour is not acceptable. The price of the webbing would have to be transferred onto the purchaser too.
Ex Stab might have something:

if you can weave this into rope shells why not weave it into webbing?
A good question; it seems to be widely available in paracord form. Only the colours could be matched in this way, rather than the 'pattern' strictly speaking, but it would still prevent the strap showing as an unbroken straight line of single colour.
Here we go:

twee colours but it can be done!
But how well does a line of drab, unbroken colour show up?
I'm not talking about desert tan or desert golden brown here but Olive or Coyote Brown (Not Tan)
there will be some pouches randomly placed anyway to break up the shape.

How well does this lot show up then? I think this is pretty good.
And if you're worried about 25mm drab coloured webbing what about that big black rifle thingy? How much does a GPMG show up? Now there's a biiig chunk of unnatural colour for you!
I think patterned webbing is a "nice to have" and if they wove it instead of printed it; and it was reasonably priced I might use it.
At the moment it's not good enough; and far too expensive.
And if the Bad Guy is close enough to make out your webbing colours let's face it; you're doing something wrong!
Cheers Boris, that's interesting; I stand corrected!:)
I was just wondering how it was done, but I think I've worked it out (peers at el-cheapo monitor again)
Here's a multicam pouch set with Coyote Brown webbing in theater.

You can't really make out the web colour. It has to be neutral.
Yes, I've been looking at buying an SADF M 83 external frame bergan - nutria brown fabric, jet black straps and fittings! If it were a neutral colour, the difference wouldn't be nearly so stark.
Nutria Brown is almost identical to Coyote Brown. Really nice neutral. Shame about the black though.
Gotta be honest, I still rate our Bergens.
Be patient, they'll be in MTP next year!
all interesting stuff, Condor use Cordura wrapped around for molle straps, wilderness use black straps, Drop Zone Tactical use Green, I have used the printed webbing. Most do use a Tan Colour, from my limited research about 4 out of five. The only thing I can go on is feedback from the lads, I wonder how quickly the printed stuff wears out for it to be a problem then?
I'm sure the webbing itself is absolutly fine; US Mil Specs are pretty tight.
Not sure how long it's going to last. If it's PALS it'll probably last longer. Anything that gets adjusted through a buckle, where there's any abrasion (however light) is a concern.
We'll just have to see, but the cost of the Multicam webbings is crazy for something that isn't exactly colour fast.

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