Principles of Intelligence: 1. Timeliness

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. ho ho ho :D

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  2. Shouldn't that read us in 2011 and ask for ADASTRA
  3. and I suppose DE+S are totally blameless here, as is a certain Army dominated tri-service site which has had considerable influence over the timliness of the forward manning load.

    Clearly this has had no impact on the ISD.
  4. i thought the manning had been in place for years... just waiting for those crabs to sort their act out ;)
  5. It's never the RAFs fault is it?
  6. I presume the endless delays and cancellations due to faulty kit having a never ending knock-on effect on RiPs, R&R, force effectivness etc etc is not the fault of the RAF either.

    I refer you to my previous post about AGAI 67. Surely the RAF consistently fail the service test in that their actions have affected the operational effectiveness of the Army.

    Defence rests

    Rant over

  7. Where there is a fault there is blame. RAF get your compensation claims in!
  8. i blame the government procurement people, rather than crabair. sorry if that's a dull comment :)
  10. Blame the prime contractor if anyone.