Principle Care Agency Florida

This is a long shot:

I'm owed some money by a somebody who owns a company called Principle Care agency which is registered in North Wales. Recently the owner has gone over to the USA to open a branch over there.

They have owed me money for three months, and I am now going to go through the CAB to get this money back, but before I do that, I would also like to speak to the manager, as if I can, I think I'll get my money back quicker.

So, I'm trying to find out the contact details of the company, but all I have to go on is the information below, which I got from a government website (apart from the names obviously, but they are on there), but if anybody could have more joy than me, I'd appreaciate a PM.

The companies UK registered name is Principle Care Agency Limited and its registered at Trinity House, Anglesey, North Wales.

The new branch is in Florida. The owners name is Alision Betty Whitworth (also an ex-RAF nursing officer), who normally goes by the name Betty. They also have a daughter called Sara Whitworth, who may have something to do with the company.

I cannot find out the company name, but it will be something to do with a nursing agency and they have only just moved over there these past couple of months.

I've tried using Yellow pages, but not to much success. I'm wondering if there is anybody on this forum who could possibley have better results than me, using the name and maybe playing around with the UK company name. Or maybe somebody knows how to find a nursing company owned by "Whitworth".

This might be a longshot (although not impossible with ARRSEs track record), but using the internet I at least managed to find out what part of the US the company was located in.



And if any mods want to me to post the link where this info is available, I'll happily do so - I'm not doing it at the mo, because I want my money before they start getting harrased by ARRErs!


May be worth getting in touch with o'grady peyton (think correct spelling), another company that specialises in providing nurses to the states. they may be aware of other new companies getting into the system. Worth a try. If it works any chance of a cut of the money cos i'm fcking skint!
Thanks very much for the replies everyone. It's a shame I couldn't find the details, although I'm dropping of a letter (and faxing) asking for all the money the tossers owe me.

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