Princess Royal to take salute as unit makes final march

An official welcome home for the 1st RRS (Royal Scots)

THE Princess Royal is to take the salute today as the Royal Scots march through Edinburgh with colours flying for the last time.

Hundreds of active and retired servicemen are to gather in the capital as part of a farewell ceremony marking the disbanding of the world's oldest active army unit.

The event is also set to celebrate the recent return of the Royal Scots Battalion from Iraq and will be the first time a unit of the newly formed Royal Regiment of Scotland goes on parade.

The Princess Royal will be taking the salute in front of the Royal Scottish Academy before the march will continue along Lothian Road and finish at King's Stables Road.

The parade will muster at 9am in East Market Street and will disband at King's Stables Road at 11am.
Thanks for that, A_S. There may be a dram or two being partaken of as we speak.

Good luck to the new and future Bn. KOSB paraded yesterday?

Today's print edition of The Scotsman has an 8-page colour supplement "Celebration of 373 Years' Service from The Royal Scots'. Get your copy now.

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
Crowds have braved the wet weather to bid a farewell to the oldest infantry regiment in the British Army on its final parade through the streets of Edinburgh. Members of the Royal Scots marched through Edinburgh City Centre.

The proud 373-year history of the Royal Scots was being laid to rest at the event, as the battalion transfers to the new Royal Regiment of Scotland.

mushroom said:
Watched it on the BBC lunchtime news. Huge lump in my throat.
agreed, especially the old man(black cagoule and black hat), must have been 80 ,medals on both chests, two walking sticks but trying his dammnest to keep up wwith the other former soldiers on the march past. Sad to see the reg go , best of luck to them in the future.

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