Princess Royal, Kosovo

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by crox225, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys and gals,

    Just wondering if anyone has a photo of the Princess Royal when she visited Kosovo at the time of the conflict. Cant remember the exact date or place, (great help i know), but she visited Royal signals, on top of a hill top site, ex communication station or something, think it was around 1998 somewhere around that time...I know it appeared in Soldier magazine and the hilltop site was run by a Aussie Signals major....

    would love a copy of it, as i was in the pic....

    tks guys

  2. Were you drunk at the time perchance? Very prescient of HRH and the Royal Corps; the conflict didn't kick off until 1999, and I seem to recall the Princess Royal visiting in 2003...although she may have been a glutton for punishment and popped across a few times.
  3. well, drunk deff not...the very thought of it, i was a total professional....well ive been out of the army now 10 yrs or so, cud have been very early 1999, around april/may...deff not 2003 coz i was not even in the Corps then...left by 3 yrs, well dunno if she popped out a few times or not, but deff her on that trip....was part of 14 Sigs (EW)...I do have some video footage of my tour there, but will have to try and find the old tapes and then see if there was a date on it...
  4. Good luck tracking that down. If anything for opsec reasons as its 14.
    Failing that I have a mental picture of the scene and could draw you a keepsake with the bonus of some artistic license...
  5. There was a picture on the back of the Wire when it happened. She was hosted by 7 Sig Regt and the line up included 14, 216 and 7 Sigs with many hangers on that just happened to be there in time for the photo.

    May be worth getting in contact with the wire.

    It was taken in about June 99.
  6. tks Tare, great bit of intel there my old mukka .....will contact the Wire, drop a few squid into the signals museum mite send me a copy....much obliged