Princess Royal Blames RAF for Her cancelling Appointment.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I'm a fan of the Royals but this makes me cringe...

    Oh dear diddums.teddy has left the pram!

  2. Obviously the event wasn't important enough to warrant putting her hand in her own pocket then.
  3. Seems to me she isn't "blaming" anyone merely pointing out the situation and quite rightly not spending any more tax payers money.
  4. You think she should pay for flights for every function she has to attend?
  5. And ask the question why was the aircraft cancelled

    Did one of our erstwhile politicians have a better use for it like jetting off to there holiday villa in the sun.

    I am by no means saying this is the case but they do seem to like arriving in style
  6. The Princess Royal works tirelessly for the country.
    The RAF let her down and she had no intention of spending taxpayers money on a private plane unnecessarily.
    She gets not nothing out of giving her time, every single day to two or three of these type of events.
    If the RAF don't have enough planes to transport her as they did in the past, she is letting this be known.
    If the Great British Public don't value her presence sufficiently to fork out for transport then events will be the poorer for her absence.
    So we can't have it all ways.
    She is beyond reproach.
  7. Well she does get something out of it. She is on the Civil List.
  8. It would be interesting to see what her schedule was for that week. She is one of the hardest working of the Royals. While it's also true that she gets money from the Civil List, the majority of that is to pay for staff and expenses for the work she carries out.

    ETA: Just found out that she doesn't get anything from the Civil List. That's just for HMTQ and Prince Philip. Princess Anne's expenses are paid by Parliamentary Annuity.
  9. Well the old girl gets paid anyway. Plus she is a beneficiary of being in one of the richest families in the country with ill gotten gains robbed from the peasants by William the Conqueror and others. She works hard but my heart doesn't bleed for her by any means.
  10. How could an "erstwhile" politician gain access to an RAF aircraft?

    On the main point, the Princess may not have known about the elderly attendees: it would seem to be out of character for her to disappoint them. By all accounts, she's one of the hardest-working members of the Windsors, but to say that she's "beyond reproach" (Picasso) is just silly. This is the 21st century, not the 17th.
  11. A view that could be applied to the country as a whole, living off the ill-gotten gains of Empire and willing to support utter bar-stewards such as Pinochet, Saddam, the Sauds...
  12. Ah bol locks I lost count of the number of times the RAF left me waiting for hours on end at some piss wet through and freezing cold chopper pad and then never turned up. And in UK the fuc kers never bothered their ars e,s citing such things as "ground mist" and "poor visibility" for not lifting an eod team somewhere where loads of poor civvies were wondering what the f uck was going on and why nothing was being done to sort the problem out. The Navy however were always available when we needed them.
  13. Bollocks.

    If the Navy were "always available" when you needed them then you wouldnt be sitting around (allegedly) waiting on the RAF in the first place would you ??
  14. She's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't in the eyes of some people. The same people who harp on about failing to attend would be first to criticise un-necessary travel costs.

    To her credit she does appear to have been prepared to break her hols in Scotland provided suitable transport was available. I haven't noticesd our Dear Leader breaking his holiday to pay respects or fulfill any minor duty - like attending a repatriation ceremony, getting a grip of squabbling Defence Ministers or standing up in defence of a CGS.