Princess Production

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Joe_Private, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. If for their first-born the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge produce a Princess, she will be able to accede to the throne, under an agreement to be struck between Commonwealth leaders next week.
    Royal family: First-born daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will take throne - Telegraph


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  2. Good to see you again. Did'nt realise that you'd been off-world for so long.
  3. I believe if this goes ahead it could completely undermine the British monarchy. Personally I believe there is nothing wrong with a female ruling, HM does a perfect job, but if we are to bend the rules on inheritance then whats stopping abolishing the institution in its own right. If anything this'll just give fuel to the anti-monarchists out there
  4. If Princesses have a chance Edward will be inboard the jumped up ******.
  5. I think it's shameful that we continue with this expensive, anachronistic and irrelevant nonsense. Why do we persist as a nation in propping up this franchise of the dysfunctional and corrupt? It devalues us as a nation when it wraps itself up in worrying about religion and succession when there are weightier questions out there. Of course, there are some good eggs but there are also some bloody idiots.

    Of course, I mean the Commonwealth.
  6. They are on the whole as are their ancestors a complete bunch of *****.........
  7. Disagree, the more it appears to be an ossified institution the more it will be ripe for criticism. Other monarchies are discussing the same point and the Spanish heir has got two daughters, but his sisters have got four sons between them who would conceivably be ahead of her in the stakes and he is moving for the change.
    If the Crown adopts a more modern approach, more in line with life and equality then the more it will benefit.

    Anyway Boudicca would be a good name for her I reckon, now that was a queen.