Princess Marina College Reunion - 2012

#1 fellas.
Calling all ex Princess Marina College/AAC Arborfield apprentices. We\are in the process of organising a massive apprentice reunion at Arborfield in 2012. We have set up a facebook group called "Princess Marina College Reunion-2012". The group is open to all personnel who served at the college regardless of the point in time. We have 350+ members and we have only been running for 3 days.

Joining criteria:

Ex Apprentices only. This includes all REME, and also RAMC/RADC One Year Apprentices.
It is also open to ex Permanent Staff and Officers who were posted there at any time.

We also have a forum up and running in order to swap ideas and introduce ourselves to each other. You can find it at and please register and log in!

In addition you can e-mail us at

Please join us, its going to be enormous.

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