Princess Kate and a walt

There's no way an AGC bloke has that many gongs. Or am I looking at the wrong person?


In fact no, they're ALL feckin' walts so ram it, the lot of yers.
He's got 4, soon to be 5 (his LSCG) The others appear to be 2 NATO type thingys, a Telic (?) some Jubilee type thingy. How is that impossible?
Perhaps you've missed my point, I was trying to draw attention away from the obviously waltish inverted BBC.
Lots of blokes transfer into the AGC when they get sick of being shafted by other mobs, at least in the AGC you get to shaft every fucker who crosses your wake!
*No wah* what's going on with the peak of that cap?!

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That's 2x Nato jobbies, a Telic and a Herrick, by the looks of it. Question is, how can you get LS&GC without either Battle of Jubilee gongs? Perhaps the OP is right?! ;-P
Oh dear. Micks, what has happened? What a sack of shite - Chap next to pink oboe player looks more pregnant than the Duchess. The CO(?) looks like a complete sack of shite and has forgotton his braces or has borrowed a much taller officer's trousers. Cor blimey etc etc.

Edited to add: The Combat Clerk is sporting the most recent Battle of the Jubilee medal. If he's about to be given his Undetected Crime Medal, he must surely just have missed out on the previous Jubilee job?

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