Princess Diana Death 20 Years On: Character of UK

I found this article today which largely reflects how I feel about it now:

The Transfiguration of Diana

Whilst I am no royalist, I was to some extent caught up in the general grief and sadness at the time. However, looking back on those days, I think the national grief-fest was either the cause or effect of some deep-seated change in our national psyche. I'm currently reading GMF's 'Quartered Safe Out Here', and he has some trenchant comments on the emotional incontinence of media and society in modern times. Put it this way, 'feelings' are not something they had much time to dwell on in Burma in mid-1945!

Anyway, my thought is that this is very much NOT the nation some on here seem to think it is. The stiff upper lip is long gone, any sense of duty has long been replaced by a sense of entitlement in the general populace, the upper echelons of society care little for public service or indeed for this country at all , many being either foreign or at least internationalist in outlook.

Where does this end? No civilisation long outlasts the willingness of its citizens to defend it.

Anyway there's a lot more to be said on this subject, but that's rant over for now.
Well you could start by getting her name right.

I've summed up her death by it calling the day that saw the birth of grief whoring and the inability for people to remember that she was not Princess Diana.

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