Princess Diana Death 20 Years On: Character of UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Aug 31, 2017.

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  1. I'm quite bored of listening about her again and again and again to be honest, I'm more concerned with the future and current events
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  2. Something which came out a year or so afterwards was that the bbc's switchboard was inundated with calls to get the worthless guff binned. It was whipped up hysteria.
    I bought the relevant copy of Punch and listened to my News Quiz tapes.
  3. And there's another baby on the way.

    Wills and Kate still at it like rabbits.

    Spencer if it's a boy, Diana if a girl?
  4. People have changed. I thought of that when I came across a report on the great Napier Earthquake of February 1931. I enclose an extract from the Record Of Proceedings of HM Sloop Veronica, with the Captain accounting for her time alongside in Napier, when a devastating earthquake struck and with the ensuring fire, destroyed the city and nearby towns, with a huge loss of life:

    Many women and children now commenced to come onboard and were accommodated as best we could, they continued to come onboard during the remainder of the day and by night time a large number had arrived, all more or less destitute. We fed them as well as we could I would pay a high tribute to the courage of the women who never made a murmur and were pathetically grateful for the little we could do for them...

    ...The night which followed was rather trying as shocks kept recurring and the wharf to which the ship was secured showed signs of collapsing on top of us, however the women and children were extraordinarily good and to our intense relief day broke without anything further having happened.
    I give you the Grenfell Tower Grief-fest.
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  5. How much of that is due to the Labour party stirring up the grief fest for their own ends
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  6. Well you could start by getting her name right.

    I've summed up her death by it calling the day that saw the birth of grief whoring and the inability for people to remember that she was not Princess Diana.