Princess Diana Death 20 Years On: Character of UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Aug 31, 2017.

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  1. I found this article today which largely reflects how I feel about it now:

    The Transfiguration of Diana

    Whilst I am no royalist, I was to some extent caught up in the general grief and sadness at the time. However, looking back on those days, I think the national grief-fest was either the cause or effect of some deep-seated change in our national psyche. I'm currently reading GMF's 'Quartered Safe Out Here', and he has some trenchant comments on the emotional incontinence of media and society in modern times. Put it this way, 'feelings' are not something they had much time to dwell on in Burma in mid-1945!

    Anyway, my thought is that this is very much NOT the nation some on here seem to think it is. The stiff upper lip is long gone, any sense of duty has long been replaced by a sense of entitlement in the general populace, the upper echelons of society care little for public service or indeed for this country at all , many being either foreign or at least internationalist in outlook.

    Where does this end? No civilisation long outlasts the willingness of its citizens to defend it.

    Anyway there's a lot more to be said on this subject, but that's rant over for now.
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  2. The UK is no longer what it was or even what it thought and hoped it was.

    I always wonder what the Romans did when Rome fell and is it akin to what is happening to the UK?

    People all over the world took their cue as to civilised behavior from the Brits, not any more.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. cryingtantrumphoto18996-1.JPG

    FFS. People in the UK are living longer than they ever have done. The 'stiff upper lip' has not long gone - it was a nonsense in the first place. The only people who promoted the concept were the middle classes who it didn't affect anyway. Like Peter Hitchens you're pining for an era that never actually existed.
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  5. Do we REALLY need a new thread for this given that there are so many others that can be used?
  6. This thread is about what the grief-fest at the time of Diana's death says about the UK as it is now, rather than about Diana's death per se. But happy to see it merged or deleted as the mods see fit.
  7. That whole thing was a national embarrassment; fortunately one which yours truly never took part in. I remember saying at work on the Tuesday afterwards:

    ulape - "well, it wasn't true then"
    workies - "what wasn't true?"
    ulape - "It's the third day, and she hasn't risen yet"

    Not widely appreciated at the time.

    But, subsequently, the whole Diana wailfest is now recognised as something that, really, we shouldn't have done.

    So the only people still banging on about her failure to listen to fellow "icon" Jimmy Savile are metrownakers in the newspapers and TV. To our credit, I think.
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  8. The grief-fest was a simple case of mass hysteria whipped up by the Press, wasn't the first time it has happened and won't be the last. That really has no relevance in things once you realise WHY we have the annual BS fest, and it's all thanks to the media, much as most hysterics since have also been whipped up by the same.

    And the "stiff upper lip" was always a myth, a perception, and bears as much resemblance to reality as the infamous "Blitz Spirit" where "Londoners all mucked in together to help each other, yoomanitee at it's best" which was, as we know, utter hoop.
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  9. It was pretty cringeworthy at the time. In my experience us Brits just extract the urine whenever the going gets tough and all I really remember are the jokes being cracked while us lads sat in the Naafi to the background sobs of the Waaf's greeting. The only way it ever affected me was the way I would stand bemused at people crying over someone they only really knew from a TV screen. Still don't get it.

    I still maintain Diana was bumped off by Interflora though. They made a mint out of the ensuing grief fest.
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  10. Don't forget Clintons and Hallmark, selling expensive cards and cuddly toys to wuckfits every year since
  11. So they weren't acting alone ?? .. The plot thickens.
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  12. @Mods, I think this may be a good time to move this thread because I'm kinda wondering how many times we have to say "Clintons involved in death of Diana" before it appears high up the list on google and we set the loonspudosphere alight ...
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  13. The Clintons? Death of Diana? Where'd that come from?
  14. The Land of the Rising Loonspud
  15. Andy's 'emotional incontinence' sums it up perfectly.

    A vast gush, overwhelming in its sacherine sadness.
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