Princess Beatrice

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. Princess Beatrice is 18 today, happy birthday. Now for the big question; would you?


    She's gwar, I fcuking would and I'd pay for it!!
  2. Carbby

    You do realise that Andrew believes in 'honour killing' ?. Unlike his father, obviously.
  3. Now under normal circumstances the sight of a gwar would have me running to get my shotgun so that I could put the bitch out of her misery, however, having had a look at the merchandise and with the benefit of not being able to smell p1ss and twiglets through my computer screen, I have to admit that yes.... yes I would throw one up her. :)

    I feel dirty now :?

    I like it :oops:
  4. Oh yes indeed I would! now where did I put the an*l lube?
  5. Without a doubt! Bet she would let you bang her back doors in aswell!
  6. I wouldnt get off her until the neighbours complained about the smell
  7. AS long as i get to kock her sister as well.
  8. What about her Mum too?
  9. might as well
  10. And her Gran?
  11. Wankers!

    Princess Beatrice, like her or not is a member of the Royal Family, the family which many of us swore an allegiance too.

    Prince Andrew was a serving member of the forces and did his stint in the Falklands campain.

    Whether you like the monarchy or not they are part of our nations heritage and as serving and past members of Her Majesties Armed forces we should be above childish snipes about whether or not a young princess would get it, just because she is old enough to buy a beer in a public bar.

    I paid tribute to the passing of the queen mother by rubbing myself in butter and draping myself on the gun carraige as it paraded out of Westminster AbbeyI accopanied this by singing the Smiths clasic the queen is dead. (The BBC edited this out) As the volley of shots sounded, I fired my own little load, all over my tummy and chest, and was happily licking it off when ten large gaurdsmen removed me.

    Yours with affection
    Tower of London cells
  12. You haven't answered the question!
  13. MDN once again you are right, you have, with your wisdom and good judgement, pointed us in the riteouse direction that so many of us appear to shy away from. I feel ashamed to have been a part of this thread.

    One last thing. Was it low salt butter? You never can be too careful these days.

    Oh and would you throw one up Princess B? :lol:
  14. What a loverly young lady, I would.........
    ...Take her out for a nice meal, come home meet mother and father etc :D

    Oh and Happy Birthday!
  15. I'd bum her!