Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Grumblegrunt, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    just our of interest are wills and harry paid pro rata? I dont see them doing much raf/army work just filling the tabloids. dont want to be wasting my tax shillings.

    watching her majesty talking to holyrood and wandered as they have a seperate crown could she give that one to harry? only right if they become independent that they have a gwar king.
  2. Like they need the ******* money!!
  3. You mean they do it as a hobby? 0.0
  4. Detracters, no more silly idle, i,ll thought out, verbal slobber about the Princes if you please, you demean them knowing they cannot reply, to the hole depart.
  5. At least they have jobs (highly skilled jobs at that) even if they can't do them completely full time due to royal commitments or whatever.

    The most useless pair of royals as far as I can see are the vulgar princesses eugenie and beatrice, attention seekers extraordinaire - the apple never falls far from the tree and all that.
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  6. Right now The Duke of Cambridge is doing more to present the UK in a favourable light in Canada - and later in the USA - than an army of politicians, he and his wife are superb ambassadors for Britain. The guy is also a Search and Rescue pilot - a job not without its dangers and requiring great skill.
    His brother Harry saw action in Afghanistan and will go again, if he is allowed to - as an Apache pilot - one of the Army's elite, his charities do more to raise awareness for the plight of poor children than a bunch of self serving rock stars.
    They're alright - they serve their country well, unlike, I suspect, many of their detractors who's only experience of service is to have served burgers to fat scrounging chavs.

    Yeah, I'm a Monarchist!
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  7. +1 and I am no monarchist, but can at least acknowledge the benefit they accrue to UK PLC. They both seem a balanced pair of young men; good luck to them.
  8. I agree about the role they play in promoting Britain, and their charity work. Fair play to them for the jobs they have had in uniform. It's not a full time job for them though, is it.

    Their job for life is as a member of the Royal Family, with all that that entails. Not a job/ position that I would want, or could ever do - apart from getting to smash the back doors in on all those fit bints :)

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  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I think they are worth the cost to the taxpayer. What is it, 50p a year each? Big money. The Royals bring in far more money in tourist interest than is expended on them annually. Couldn't give a shit personally if Wills and the boy Hewitt work one day in 20, I'd rather have them than a President Blair or Barroso.
  10. No arguments here

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  11. Financial arguments against the Monarchy are balls - the Windsor family's estate revenues go straight into the exchequer, and a small dole of Civil List is grudgingly returned. In effect the Royal Family is a business paying about 94% tax.

    Compare that to the financial contributions to society of the politicians who would belittle them.
  12. I'd think it costs us less when the they're playing with their choppers than doing their princely duties, regardless of the wages.

    It's the old school tie entourage that surrounds them that bothers me more.
  13. I'm not particularly pro or anti either way to be honest. If we had a vote on keeping a constitutional monarchy, I would give serious consideration to the republican route but that's not a done deal for me. There are benefits to having the royal family just as there are reasons why we could do without them. I think after the last 20 years of various problems, the Queens kids were digging themselves into a large hole but the grankids, and I mean specifically the 2 Princes, certainly seem to have turned around the publics view of the royal family from a very negative one into quite a positive one.

    That's something that probably only the Queen herself who the public have generally pretty much always held in quite some affection could do previously.

    Of course they are young capable men and they will excell at whatever role they take on. Let's not wear rose tinted glasses though. They work very hard and will sometimes be doing stuff that can be dangerous but those risks will be calculated to ensure they are minimal. Let's face it, we really don't want to lose the second in line to the throne or his brother for constitutional reasons as well as sentimental one's. Having said that, in terms of their career choices, they are setting trends through their personal examples that can be seen as something that ordinary young people can aspire to and that's a good thing.

    So on balance under the current constitutional setup, I think they are worth the money to the public but aside from the obvious family connections, they are worth much more to the royal family in terms of how they have made the royals into an institution that once again is revered by the majority of the nation. I wish them both well.
  14. Agreed. I often send this video to people who whinge at "how much they cost the taxpayer", it usually shuts theYouTube - ‪The True Cost of the Royal Family Explained‬‏
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