Princes Gate: The Reunion

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by crabtastic, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Sixty

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    And in pubs all around the UK, hasty excuses are made by men who've spent the best part of three decades claiming they were there.

    "I didn't want to take part in the broadcast as the memories are still too fresh"

    "I mangled my hearing when the first charge went off and couldn't understand the questions"

    and so forth.
  2. Nothing particularly interesting about this programme even allowing for the topic. Not that far removed from one of those awful bar room reminiscences, starring Adie, Harris, Horsfall et al
    The only particular point I found of note was that the 21 year old terrorist 'survivor' of that situation was quietly released from nick last year having done 27 years.
  3. Well 60, tune in to this dross and hear how La Aidie wanted to take her good self plus a 'trusted camerman / sound recordist' of her choice, no interference from the Police ground rules, into the Embassy so she could interview these fcukers. Yes Kate................................
  4. Will they be holding the reunion on the balcony? I hope so, because we could then understand how 45000 people managed to get onto it back in the day...

    Has someone remembered to invite the dustbin turned into a colander?? 8)
  5. My uncle Bob was on the balcony that day. Mind you, he doesn't talk about it very much. Only when he goes to the pub.

    He wasn't interviewed for this conkers.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Just cleared my diary so I am free for interview! :D

    What time do the free drinks get served?
  7. I honestly believe that the end result of this did far more damage to 'Them' than it did to Terrorism.The erosion of the mystique and menace that the S.A.S. had built since its beginning in W.W.2 had led to an extremely effective psychological advantage.The opening of Public awareness and huge appetite for ever more info re selection and Operations has impaired it, to the point where ex Regiment S.N.C.O.'s have proposed disbanding and starting again (I believe the book I read this in was entitled 'Ghost Force', Well it had already sold thousands of copies so the damage was done!).
  8. No one ever speaks about the 3rd man on the balcony! And just because no.2 nicked my ladder! I hate balconies ever since ..
  9. I think you'll find that he didn't nick the ladder, Cloggie old chum..... "Nobby" pulled it up after him so you couldn't get up.

    You would have shared in the bragging rights had you not indulged rather too heavily in one of Mrs Vandermeers' "Speshul Dutch Cakes" earlier that morning.... :wink:
  10. I will never forget the events of 1980 at the 'Gate'. I was carrying spare medals for Baron sorry Pte James Shortt & he was carrying blankets. Since then I have been unable to face Balconies or go on holiday in the Med to an Apartment as they all have fecking Balconies. Since 1980 I have had to take holidays in a static caravan in Chatham. I am still finding bits of plaster, stone & cordite in my hair from the 'flashbangs' that me & Jimbo lobbed in so Dinger, Nobby & Ginge could do the business.
  11. Rather a dull programme really - another vehicle for Adie to come across as the self-centred arrse she is. All the usual jokes about the fact that the CRW team were more interested in the snooker, etc, etc.
  12. I wonder if he thought it was worth it?
  13. Serves you right for using a ladder, you poof. Should have used your teeth, like THEY taught you :wink:
  14. There was an interview with Lofty Wiseman on some tv prog a number of years ago when he was asked if he was involved in Princes Gate, his reply was "Nah, but know thousands that were"