Prince's Ass[ets] In A Sling!!

What the F*ck's With Chuck?

Why is he being raked over the coals for being an astute businessman and turning 7 billion into 28 billion?.. anyone else doing that would be given awards, asked to write books and otherwise be partying with Bill Gates... but Prince Charlie gets slammed for taking ' advantage' of ' loopholes' in accounting [ that every mother's son would kill to be albe to use.. and many do ]

I know thousands of private business owners who employ relatives and ' friends ' in their enterprises..what's wrong with that, as long as they pay all the appropriate taxes and benefits. etc.?

And.. hey.. Give me a Break!!. Chuck VOLUNTARILY PAYS 40% taxes????even though he doesn't have to!!!

Gosh, oh, gee.. he accepted benefits from the EU over his agricultural holdings...bad, bad boy.. guess that puts him up there with what a hundred thousand other ' farmers'?.. Kind of puts to shame the US government paying farmers millions in subsidies not to grow stuff or to keep prices down artificaially to fight ' cheap offshore products. etc.. gee.. underhanded, I'll say...

What is wrong with the people of Britain?.. gawddam.. he may not be the ripest apple in the barrel but he's a smart entrepreneur...and.. instead of jumping all over him for ' padding ' the payroll.. why isn't he being given a pat on the back for adding to the employment rolls by increasing his staff from 93 to 113 [ that's more workers, earning more money and paying more taxes, right? ]...isn't job growth allowed these days?

So tell me, boys and girls, is this one more shot at taking Britain in to Republicanism? or just the country still pissed that Chuck chucked Diana for the Bowser...??
It's the sign of the times. There are thousand of newsworthy stories out there but the press can't seem to find them. It's easier to make up news and pick on someone or something.

Only recently a local paper ran a story on Shell's £3.5bn profit and said they should give it all to African nations for debt relief. Nice sentiment but no justification.

And of course they will pass this off as their public duty to monitor the actions of a key member of the royal family. Well, I can't but agree with Rocketeer on this. Charles has done nothing that is not well within his rights. I wonder how many people would voluntarily pay tax let alone 40% tax.

Me pessimistic? You've got the wrong man!
I am wondering how much the PM wife are making our of all her tours, speech and books deals? Did she pay any tax on it? Did any MP question about whether it is ethical to make money out of being married to the PM?
I find it strange that such comments are basically Communisim, distribution ogf wealth and all that.

These are the same rags that knock "looney left" councils

I have long gave up on treating newspapers as accurate sources of info.... on news
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