PRINCE2 Training

For anyone leaving the services & looking to go into a management role, PRINCE2 Project Management training is often a good starting point.

I'm ex-RAF and run my own consultancy & web design business and will soon be launching a new company aimed at providing Service Leavers with REAL world training. We'll have a content driven website which will contain Video, Documents, a directory, Connection Network and 'proper' advice from people who have been in your position.

I completed a PRINCE2 Practitioner 5 day course when I left, but to be honest it was like being hit with a sledgehammer of management speak. Yes, I got the qualification, but I can't say I felt any better for it!!

In preparation for our launch in February I've added a few words to a separate service (called Squidoo) which talks about PRINCE2 training.

If PRINCE2, or management in general, is something you're interested in, then just CLICK HERE

Wishing you well in your future,


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