PRINCE2 by Distance Learning

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. Does anybody know of any training providers that can provide PRINCE2 study by e-learning or Distance Learning at reasonable prices?

  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I wouldn't advise it. It is speaking a different language that is the same in difference as it was when you join and try to learn Milspeak. It is better to get a more focused environment.

    You can do it in 5 days straight, I recommend the Bristol Management Centre.

    However, remember PRINCE 2 is just a driving licence for Project Management - it doesn't mean you can drive though. I refer the gentleman to a long list of so called PMs that have PRINCE2 and MAPM but couldn't project manage themselves out of a wet paper bag.
  3. Agree with mysteron, PRINCE 2 is only a tool in your toolbox. I got my qualification through Quanta, but my head was mince at the end of it.
  4. PRINCE2 is set in too rigid a structure, it's like dot to dot PMing with no room for flexibility or actual thinking outside of it's pages "If A happens engage set ofprocesses B and fill in spread sheet C"

    Unfortunately a lot of companies (and the majority of public sector/civil service) think if you have attained this you're somehow some sort of project managment ninja and wont look at anyone without it, even though they might of been managing multi million pound projects for years. Some of the worst PM's I've ever worked with had passed this course, but also some of the best ones, they'd taken the bits they found useful and ditched the rest in the bin when they finished it.

    Doesn't help you find a trainer grossen heid, but all I'm saying is don't consider it the be all and end all unless your prospective employer has got a hard on about it.
  5. That will be DE&S and the most ardent advocates of TLCM in the A&SD’s
  6. Yup, cheers guys.

    It's basically the piece of paper I am after, got relevant PM experience in my field. But just want the bit of paper as that extra tool in the box as Axeman put it for my CV.

    I could try getting my current employer to pay for it, but I'd rather not be beholden to them if I can help it. Especially if I need to move on.
  7. PM Hairy_Fairy, he is the man in the know.
  8. Yes, there are a number of companies who will provide computer based training materials / courses for Prince 2. I would recommend it for the foundation as its fairly straight forward if you can take in copious amounts of guff which you wont use ever again. I wouldnt recommend it for the practitioner though. A class course would be best.

    Saying that, many companies will only ask for foundation.

    The debate about P2 being any use - well that's a different story. Some parts are useful such as structuring your project into products and work packags etc, some of it is guff and you will rarely work in an organisation which practices P2 to the letter.