Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by smudge67, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. Right, I've put this in here, because it doesn't look as though it could go anywhere else?

    Has anyone out there done a Prince2 course?

    I'm on course on Monday, and I've been trying to get through the pre-course "required reading".

    Thankfully I'm not that busy at work, so I'm wasting my day reading the book.'s soul-destroyingly dull.

    I'm going to read the bits I need to, so I'm prepared for the course.

    My question hard is the course?

    I'm only doing the 3 day foundation see if I'd enjoy the project management side of things....and will complete the practitioners bit after if I feel it is of benefit.

    Any comments long as it will stop my eyes bleeding!
  2. Well worth it mate, its considered the industry standard, there is a large amount to take in on both courses but the general progression of the material and the layout is more than manageable, it's got me a cracking job and like anything once you are doing it "on the job" it falls into place. PM if you need anymore info but I fly back out to the hot place tomorrow so wait out a couple of days for a reply.
    (And if its a residential course and you fail to wake up on the final morning curled round a power suited dolly stinking of cheap wine you have gone wrong somewhere !)
  3. It's not bad, but a bit "formulaic" and project managment by numbers.

    On the plus side its generic and non industry specific so you wont get pidgeon holed, and it may get you a second interview.

    The only way to really become a project manager is to (guess what) ...

    Manage projects.
  4. I'm doing the full practitioner's course soon and have been discussing it with colleagues who've done it. The general view was very didactic, dry, formulaic and actually a fairly taxing course.

    On the positive side they said that it had really made a sifference as to how they run projects and was well worth going on.
  5. Some positive things...happy days.

    I had to look up what "didactic" means....and now I know I'm not enthused!

    I know that experience is a winner, in any walk of life. I've not gone down the 100% project management route so far as I've not been sure if I'd enjoy it. It will certainly help in the Defence area I work in, so I'm hoping it may open a door or two.
  6. I've done the Practitioners course and it is very dull, although not neally as bad as ITIL which made me want to dig my eyes out with spoons.

    I concur with the poster above who said the only way to learn is to be managing projects. The course doesnt really give you a skill set, its explains a methodology. You can only learn to apply that methodology by being involved in projects that are ran using PRINCE.
  7. Apologies, too much time in the NHS!
  8. The pre-course reading makes absolutely no sense whatsover, what it needs is somebody to explain it to you. Once you get into the course the pre-course reading makes even less sense - intitially, but it all comes together towards the end (if you have a good instructor - I have heard horror stories of some really bad ones).

    If you are involved in projects now, it wll make loads of sense as most projects are run on PRINCE 2 lines anyway.
  9. Which ITIL course did you do Boney?...I sat the ITIL Disaster Recovery and Helpdesk Management courses (and passed both I hasten to add), and although very dry, I found them informative and helpful, not as bad as wanting to gauge my eyes out with spoons, but then again my instructor was a young blonde with a penchant for wearing very short to love the Americans
  10. I've heard the ITIL course is very dull.

    I passed the PRINCE2 course by the way :)
  11. Ive passed the ITIL foundation course a few months back and yes your right very dull.
  12. I'm on PRINCE2 in Sep. Land won't send the pre-reading out to me because it's too heavy…!!
  13. Is Prince2 the industry standard, or is there a newer course coming in?
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Depends on where you are and whether you work internationally - it is a must have in UK though.

    PMI/PMBOK is the most common certification and approach in use by multi-nationals that have not developed their own in-house methodology.
  15. It is a gert big book! I'd try and get a copy if I were you. The precourse reading (although very dull) pays off when on the course.