Prince William's Israel trip will not go smoothly?

What makes you think it’s not both?
This is very true...seems someone has taken his head dobber away though.
THE Foreign Office once again calls the Old City of Jerusalem, including the Western Wall, "Occupied Palestinian Territories".

Nothing new there.

What is is new is that the Israelis have decided not to make a fuss "out of a desire for a successful visit, with no crisis resulting from the matter" during Wilf's visit.

Itinerary for Prince William’s Israel visit

If ever there was a land-centered book, it's the Old Testament, with its second main message being: the Land of Israel is for the People of Israel.

If the pusillanimous Israelis defer on this point, even as the future King William V kisses the Star of David at the Western Wall, then if God really is the God of the OT, expect hassle, such as on FM Robin Cook's Jerusalem visit in 1999.
I can see what you're getting at, in this post Brexit, pre Christmas rush of a thing. Who could concur or deny this? It is hard to say. As time passes, it will come to pass, I'm sure. As we reflect on this issue it is wise to recall that it is Friday and I'm off down 't pub, wanker!

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